Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It All Began With A Frosty Blue Eyeliner and A Beauty Mag

When I was 11, my Mom handed me a magazine and I was mesmerized by the model on the cover.  How did she look so...perfect?  Surely, even if it were airbrushing, smoke and mirrors, I somehow could create that same look with some magic of my own.  The models in the ads were as glossy as the pages.  The women had matte, clear skin and red, patent lips.  Then, I read an article on "shading" to create "perfect" angles on the face; what a farce!  But by the same token, this could certainly be a look obtained with some effort, right? But, as you already know, things are rarely as easy as they look.  So the challenge took hold of me and my childhood was spent dabbling in make-up colors, skincare techniques, and scientific experimentation.

Maybe it was the challenge of the chase that hooked me.  Maybe it was the struggle towards perfection from a place of complete imperfection.  It's true that we tend to want the things we can't have, but it's also absolute that I love a challenge.  I have a memory of seeing a picture of a rockstar wearing green/black eyeshadow with hints of glitter.  I confess, I ditched a Human Sexuality class to find that color. It was only After 4 hours of  hard labored investigation that came to understand I was chasing a white rabbit; the makeup artist probably created that color combination, duh.  I felt a hard slap of  naivitee on my forehead.  There was obviously so much more to learn.  So I guess it's no surprise that despite my tomboy "ish" phase, I finally held out a hand towards the darkness trying to grasp some type of  inner Diva within my flannel shirt and cutoff jeans (Kurt Cobain RIP).  So where to start?


It's more fun to play with makeup than to hate it right?  I have a theory that if we own the proper tools, makeup application is not as intimidating.  I know like me, some of you may have to warm up to the idea of buying (and using!-not just leaving it in the drawer, tsk tsk...) brushes as opposed to the disposable foam or a Qtip.  Trust me, it's worth every penny you spend.  Think of painting a masterpiece on a canvas with one of those foam thingys or your finger (forbid)!  Just don't do it.  It's your face for goodness sake.  And by ALL means, make sure it has soft, quality bristles unless you want them scratching and sprinkled all over your face.  And please wash them frequently.  I repeat: TRUST ME on this one.  I have worked for one of the leading cosmetic companies in the industry in one of the top department stores.  I have heard some stories that would send you flying towards you antibacterial gels and slathering for dear life.   We'll talk about this more, I'm sure. Which brings me back to my purpose in this arena...


Ok so why a beauty blog, you ask? Well, why not? I seem to be asked time and time again for solutions to last minute issues - specifically, skincare issues like acne, oily skin, wrinkles, you name it. Like I said in my bio, I love me my products and am probably a good resource for a review at least. Besides, I am just as curious as you are to find what works and what does not.  Consider it a jouney.  As for my expertise, well, if someone is deemed an expert after 10 years, then I am confident, you're in good hands.  Follow along, and I may just share some secrets that have been shared with me...


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