Sunday, May 30, 2010

How To Get Sand Off Of Your Body Parts EASILY After A Day At The Beach

Sand On, Sand Off!
Well Hello Sunshine:)
I hope this little note from paradise finds you well.  I know I've been on a bit of a vacation but I must say I miss you all and will catch up with your comments and blogs as soon as I can find a decent internet connection.  I love hearing from all of you!! So I hope you can forgive me; you see, I've prepared this little BRB S.O.S. to make it up to you.

Like me, if you have been enjoying the "extended" version of the long weekend as an excuse to take a vacation on a sandy beach under the hot sun, then this tip is just for you.

Throughout the Summer (and yes, it's almost here), and especially this weekend in particular, we have planned and packed for the long haul.  It's been days since we've seen the car (where'd we park again?).  We have staked our claim on some prime real estate in front of the vast aquamarine sea, set at the perfect distance so that the tide will certainly Not soak our perfectly peaceful dream come true.
 Many times we stay at the beach and continue the festivities to the local bar or bonfire gathering.  Some of us are lucky enough to have a nearby beachhouse to go to.  Many of us change with supreme finesse under our towels.  Most of us cannot muster the energy to treck back to our vehicles so we do what we can near the showers and the public restrooms. 
Either way, the step from wet, sandy swimsuit to dry, comfortable dress is never quite as easy as it should be, am I right?

Sand is so nice...until you have to get the grainy nuisance out of the, well um, more hidden areas of your body!!

Here's How To Get Sand Off in A Flash:
(works well getting it off of your children too!)

1. Grab the Talcum Powder
(Burt's Bees has an incredible powder and it smells subtle and fresh.
Baby Powder works but do You want to smell like a freshly changed diaper before that potentially romantic bonfire, hmmmm??)

2. Sprinkle It Liberally Where Needed
(Under the bikini bottom area, Under Armpits, On the back, neck, and sparingly behind the ears)

3. Towel It All Off

4. Now that the sand is off, you can use a wet washcloth and some lotion to get you back to Glowing Goddess/God;)

Talcum Powder also Helps:
TO GET SAND OUT OF EYES - close eyes and sprinkle some on face then gently brush off sand with ease
TO GET SAND OUT OF HAIR - put a little in your hands and rub it gently into your scalp then use fingers to work it out of hair (this absorbs oil too)
TO GET IT OUT OF A BABY'S DIAPER - again, sprinkle on then gently towel off.

Hope This Helps You Too.
I love having powder on hand.  It's gotten me out of so many binds. I can't tell you how many times it's saved me the trouble of getting all that crusty sand off of my body parts, hence no annoying dirt on perfectly prepared outfits.  Enjoy your newfound comfort and easily slip into your next activity with confidence!
Hopefully, you have at least one more day in the sun my lovelies.  Don't forget your sunscreen;)
I'll see your sunkissed faces soon.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Dickweed Review

Guess What Came in the Mail a Few Days Ago?
Remember the post I wrote the other day?  Well lo and behold, the creators of this luscious lacquer have smiled down upon us and have whipped up some more for the taking:)
Heaps of love and appreciation to Kristen, Valerie, and NeedSupply for restocking this classic.
Seriously, my bottle had one speedy pair of wings...
Think Jesse James... no, not name calling, let's be nice! We already forgave him here remember? -
I'm referring to Jesse James circa the "Motorcycle Mania" series when we were first introduced to the multi-iridescent paint jobs that wowed us by changing colors when viewed from different angles.  Remember how revolutionary the technique seemed back then?
And now the innovative ladies at BleachBlack have captured and bottled such an entity 
so that beauty junkies around the world can get an affordable fix of this color changing phenomena.  
Lucky for us.
image via
Think teal with hints of violet and tiny metallic fleck.
Think blue green and everything in between.
Think Emerald by night - changing just like an Orissa Alexandrite.
And who doesn't love a color changing Gem?

The Metallic was Highlighted on this Cloudy Day.

Was in the car waiting and captured a close-up of 
the Aqua Blue/Teal color in all its Glossy Glory.
Are you catching a glimpse of the Violet?

If you look at your nails at a certain angle while indoors, 
the color even transforms and gives the illusion of Black
I really wish that I could use words that would do Dickweed justice. 
Let's see, I can tell you that the first coat starts off sheer and you work up to this saturation. 
 I used 4 coats here.  It keeps a glossy shine so a top coat is not required. 
It glides on and dries quite nicely without bubbles.
A couple minutes after application, I touched my nail with lotion.  No problem, the 4th coat was already dry!
Throughout the day I would hit my nails against something, but No Nicks to speak of.
Washed everything from clothes to brushes and the polish powered through the first day.
Pretty impressive.

Overall, I give it a tried and true blue-green thumbs up. To fairly review the formula's longevity, I'll share that I  have been wearing it for 5 days and it's finally time for a redo, but I'm sure if I used all the fancy base and top coats from the salon, we'd still be in business for another week easily.

What can I say? There are few nail colors that really grab my attention like this one and even fewer that deliver the goods. 
 Lovin' Dickweed.


Friday, May 21, 2010

How to Get Rid of Pins and Needles

In A Prickle?
Do you ever find yourself working on a project for hours but spread out all over the floor?  Maybe you sit at the computer all day working on research or reports?  Don't you hate when you've been sitting on a leg wrong or laying your head in your hand  for a little too long only to experience the oh-so-uncomfortable feelings of pins and needles shooting through your extremities?
First, enter the pregnant pause as you first get up; it is now when the initial tingle begins, but you know the pain is coming...
Finally, your hands, fingers, feet, and/or toes are filled with an internal, massive and unrelenting explosion of unnerving, prickly fire.
I Think you'll like the Results of This Solution! 
So I was up late the other night watching this new show with Bear Grylls called, "Worst Case Scenario."
(*Aside: I'm the first to agree that he's done some raunchy stunts on "Man v. Wild" for survival, but he did redeem himself in my eyes after sharing the following piece of advice.)

Basically, Bear shares a tip that you'll never forget because you'll probably use it a lot from now on...  

As soon as you feel the lack of circulation pause before the rush of the storm, 
SLOWLY and GENTLY Rock Your Head from side to side 
(ear down towards shoulder)
to get the circulation going.

If done correctly, you may be able to avoid the whole pins and needles experience entirely.
Now, I can't think of one person who won't appreciate this one, so feel free to Share!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Retail Therapy - Finding the Loophole in a Backordered Blue Dress

Pictures have always ruled over words.
For weeks, I searched for this Urban Outfitters' Dress.  If you were one of the employees who joined me in this search, many thanks for your tireless efforts.  It was sold out (typical) in blue but "backordered" til June.  Well, I know Stylistas around the globe can appreciate that I don't take no for an answer in these situations.  
I exercised my Super Searching Skills and happened upon one that was waiting patiently. For. Me.
A Special Thank You to Rachel at UO for all of your help and enthusiasm:)
So happy.
Cooperative Strappy 70's Dress, Abercrombie Leather Braided Belt, Banana Republic Straw Hat,
Two Lips Tattooed Wooden Wedges, Ray Ban Sunnies

Today was kinda gloomy in a boring and bummer sort of way so I've decided to take us all back to the blue skies and good times of the weekend.  Hehe, I know it's pretty much Monday as I write, but I'm ready for warmth already.  I bet you are too...
Besides we're bloggers for goodness sake; we make our own realities.

I Took My New Favorite Dress Out to Play.
Come see...

I'm having such a tough time lately.  It seems so weird online lately with all the...drama.  That is the main reason that I blog - to find Peace.  What up with all the copying, smack-talking, and nay-saying? It could be that I've let myself get caught up in the politics that comes with moment to moment updates and status reports. The business of pleasing everyone is immense...impossible, and that is why I make a genuine effort to present myself in an honest light.
Perfectly imperfect.
So many critics, so little time.  I'm hard on myself as it is.
Performance aside, isn't blogging personal, hence we cannot be held against any standard but our own?
I guess I'll just be me then...
I've been informed that this is what my smile really looks like.
We hit Major Traffic on this particular day.
So we avoided it...

Failure turned out to be a grandiose blessing 
and we ended up on a much needed long car ride Adventure
And as if it were planned this way, we found a park without people.  On a Saturday!
Not Complaining.
Sunscreen And A Hat
This dress oozes buttery, soft cotton that moves whenever and wherever you wish to go. It wears as if it's up for any type of activity including, but not exclusive to, running, jumping and spending long hours stuck in traffic on a hot day with friends and luvahs.  Extremely comfortable.  Lightweight yet durable.  Luckily it doesn't easily wrinkle and keeps it's shape even if you want to lay around on the grass for an afternoon.  The style easily transitions from a Day in the Park to Shopping and then Happy Hour at the Beach.  The cut is flattering for my petite stature and I imagine it would be just as amazing with anyone that has legs for days...
This has got to be one of my Top 3 in a list of hundreds of UO favorites.
It's one of the more well-made garments I've seen from here.
No wonder it's gone daddy gone...

Thanks to the support of you all, I've found my ground on this bumpy, crooked road.
One bad outfit only ruins One day and it's usually Not the day you rocked it.
 Everyone's view of life is different.
Everyone's approach is varied.
When we are true to speak our own voices, we are heard.

Your blogs make me smile, and I get so excited to think that the boors of the world are wrong! 
We are a generation of intelligent, savvy, and beautifully real people.
We listen to each other's perspective.
We call each other out.
We hold each other to high standards.
We support each other.
We Share.
We lift each other up to the highest heights
...even if it is merely leaving little notes on each other's doorstep;)


Sunday, May 16, 2010

How to Get Rid of Dark Under Eye Circles and Stop Looking So Puff and Stuff

Party Pooped After the Dreaded Walk o' Shame
Ahem...Hi there.  Are you just coming home right now???  Heeeyyy, weren't you wearing that last nigh-...ohhhh, I see:)  Well,  I'm glad you had a good time!  What's that you say?  Key Lime Pie Martinis and Late Night food from the Koji BBQ Truck?  Mmmmm, sounds Divine! All right, you can share the dirty details later.  For now, I know you're tired.  Why don't you go and wash your face and then meet me in the kitchen? Before you hit the sack, I'll share a couple of magic tricks with you...

(*btw, I'm not trying to endorse smoking.  I am close to someone who is dying of lung disease - it's pretty uncomfortable for them. These images just seemed to fit with the theme...)

Also, you may have Dark Circles from Staying Up All Night Studying, Slaving At Work, or Taking Care of Baby.  This post is especially written to help you;)

K, Ready?
Erase Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Have Some Water. It'll Help.
Dehydration only adds to dark circles and puffiness.
Besides, 8 oz. (at least) before bed will really ease the headache and the hangover.

Chop Some Cucumber Slices and Lay On Your Eyes
I know you've heard this before, but cucumber oils are soothing to the dilated blood vessels pushing against your eye skin
-chop 1/4 in. thick and keep several on hand so you can change them when they get warm
Leave on eyes for 10-20 min.

Polly Put A Kettle of Chamomile Tea On
Chamomile is GOOD for the Nervous System.  It's an Anti-Inflammatory and an Anti-Spasmodic.
After Steeping some Tea for yourself to drink, place teabags to cool on saucer (wait a few minutes).
Put on your iPod and place cooled bags onto closed eyelids.
but in my experience Chamomile Tea is such a great pain reliever/muscle relaxer that I usually fall asleep almost immediately in this situation.
**always check with a Dr. before incorporating new herbal teas to your diet**

While you are waiting...
Cut A Raw Potato into Slices Then Soak in Water, leave in a Tupperware, AND Refrigerate. ADD Lemon to the Water to keep it from oxidizing quickly.
These may not be helpful right now, but later on in the day or in the week, you'll have them and be very grateful;)
***Don't let them stay on too long.  They may oxidize and turn brown while they're on your face - Not a good idea.***

What to Buy At The Store If You Must:

I have tried practically every under eye cream known to the free world and I have yet to see results as amazing as this baby. So if you must spend your money and don't want to use the previous Cheaper methods, then go ahead I won't stop you.  Pricey but waaayyyy worth it!  I even keep mine in the fridge...
Nighty Night Loves.  When you wake, you may want to walk and get the blood circulating, you know, get the  fresh air flowing through your body, go to work...
May you glow radiantly this weekend and well into the week!  And definitely let me know how this works out for you!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Survival of the Fittest and Hottest Genes - Georgia May on My Mind

Just Need to Admit We're Mere Mortals
What is the late night show that has an opening act where the host shows us what the spawn of  dating ubercelebrities will look like as adults?  Remember how the faces would look so ridiculously unappetizing with girls having mustaches and other things to lol about?  Well, here is one example of where our envious hopes of irony are completely debunked.
This is the exact ad for Hudson Jeans that had me hooked.
 Georgia May Jagger has the best of the modeling (Jerry Hall) and musical (Mick Jagger) worlds for parents and just may accomplish what their original intentions probably were - 
Taking Over The World - 
The New Face of Versace
House of Versace is supporting the perfect genes from the House of Jagger?  Makes sense to me.  I can't even imagine what kind of Heat is generated when you are in the throes of passion with Mick and his Lips.  Articulating such a description is futile.  Thank God for the Pretty Pictures...

I'm assuming we'll be seeing much more of this one after the recent nomination for Model of the Year in the U.K and now that she's officially an adult.  The online blog on Modelinia says it best,
"If you don’t know Georgia May Jagger by now, there’s no way she’ll escape you now."



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