Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Signs of Spring


I know it's a bit early to be posting flowers and blue skies, but, hey, if the runways are already flaunting diaphanous, floaty fashions seen here at Style-Eyes-Fashion-Blog, then I'm almost running late with it, don't you agree?  I'll admit, I still have a post in a draft regarding a trip to the snow, but can't help but notice the small signs that are tempting me away from the ominous clouds and biting wind towards a world with comforting sunshine and exposed collarbones.

It amazes me how much  I am drawn to wildflowers.
Diamonds in the Rough really...
Crisp Sample of What's to Come
Beginnings of Bouganvilla
...Resting Amongst the Fragrant Bloom of Jasmine.
Peek o' Blue
And that little reminder that we could all use a Car Wash
(stuck behind this guy for 20minutes at least...)
Speaking of Needing a Bath
Blackberry Sauce is over and done with (for now),  and I have found a new friend in Red Licorice.

I love it so much, I would Andy Warhol it if I could
...and I'll leave you with my favorite dress that I'll probably never find (image from, love, love...
Hurry up spring!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

No Tweezers? Please... try these.

9:56am and the red light is brightly blinking in urgency.  All morning, alerts on my mobile annoyed me with countless emails offering 20%-30% discounts or free gwp of some caliber or another.  But this time the blinking felt different - important.  And when I picked up my phone, it was confirmed. 

Bff text: "omg, i mean. i cant find my tweezers anywhere. my guy-brows are starting to set in!"

I have this "connection" with her that I just cannot explain.  When one of us is in need, the other just knows. Does that happen to you ever? I mean, the incidences range from small things such as buying the same item just in a different color to big things like picking up the phone to call as it rings.  what? why are you laugh-  We rock different styles and the chances of either of us having free time for the phone is practically null!  you may smirk, but I think it's ESP;)  I know, I know, make fun all you want.  It's true though.  And yes, having "guybrows" IS an emergency when you are supposed to be groomed as a professional under the careful watch of everyone around you.  Be honest everyone.  Guybrows = Emergency.

As you can see here, fuller brows are more fashionable these days, but notice, Camilla Belle: oy vey.

So let's move on to the solution.
Have you spent the night at your boyfriend's apartment? pulled an all-nighter at work? tweezers fell in the toilet mid-tweeze because "someone" left the seat up?  Just have a few strays that you missed at home but caught while you were out? Fear not.

Grab your Sunnies or your Specs

SECRET:  Fold in one arm. Hold the frame of your glasses still (you can hold the middle of the frame if you want). With your writing hand, leverage the arm so that you can pinch the hair, then pluck.
Get it?  Pinch, Pull, Pluck.

...or try this...



If you feel like an expert, I suppose you could also try plucking with the curved bobby pins too, but it might be a bit slippery slope straight into the eye. besides, I don't like the look of that overhang. 

I know it's a bit crude. But if it's all you've got, then you do what you have to do!

*much love and respect to my muse, EJ, for the inspiration,
and to IrishDancingNerd 
for sharing a funny story that fueled my blog.  And I quote:
 "It was challenging, yet more successful than one might think."

nuff said! Happy Friday my Friends:)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How To Prevent Bruising - Acting Quickly on the Cheap

Fight or Flight Fail
Let's just say it was for a good cause.  I mean, I heard blood curdling screams coming from the other room for goodness sake!  Primal Instinct took hold. I wasn't even awake yet, but in one clumsy but unified movement, I bolted upright then flew into an automatic run...  almost. Here's where it could've gone wrong: 
1) Eyes trying to see through stubborn eyelids that refused to raise and reveal the clear path to the doorway.
2) Lack of sleep hence coordination of a jello, stick figure. 
3) Adrenaline Rush Fail.

As I hurled forward out of my bed, somehow one foot caught in the sheet or the comforter/duvet what have you and I tripped.  An onomotopeia? Crack! BOOM Yelp.  Now, imagine falling - hard - knee first onto the sharp, wood corner of the ironically well-cushioned ottoman. Nice. Before this particular incident, it's placement at the foot of the bed seemed harmless - helpful even!  Usually, it just sits pretty, doesn't do much... Et Tu Brute?

"I'm okay... uh, maybe not."

What transpired next was a series of expletives synchronized with a wail/whine/cry sound that came from way down deep inside where my soul had abruptly become disrupted from peace. 
Maybe it hurt because:
1) the muscle was momentarily separated where the corner had made contact.  (I heard a crunch.)
2) Possibly, it was the fact that the corner actually hit bone.  (pretend to not think about crunch sound)
3) Was it my Pride that it had cut so deeply? 
4) Nope. Just Pure Pain. (Breathing. B/w screams).

Why do I tell you this story? Why do I show you this ugly pic of my knee?  I told you I'd help you with embarassing things like the aftermath of your clumsiness;)   Don't tell me those fantabulous platforms or 6-inch heels never turned on you at the most inopportune moment.  Even in a flat shoe, slipping and falling is not out of the question.  Were you at work? on a Date? New York Fashion Week?  It's okay.  I totally understand.  Remember, I'm your girl and I'm going to offer you a hand.  Stand up my friend and listen to me.

You betchyer Aqua Net...

HAIRSPRAY sprayed directly on the site of the injury (potential and probable Bruise - **caveat: NOT recommended for Broken skin) WILL PREVENT MOST BRUISES FROM EITHER FORMING OR TURNING BLACK AND BLUE.

So you ask why is my knee bruised here?  Remember the blood curdling scream that I was attempting to rescue?  Well, let's just say, I didn't get to my bruise in time and this pic was taken a day later.  When I did finally remember to apply Hairspray and had the stamina to overcome all obstacles and execute the task, it was already swirling into the darker colors of the rainbow.  But I must say, it never got worse. 

So you ask why you should believe me when I say this works?  Because it does.  I've tried it over and over on shins, elbows, cheeks, knees, you name it.  No, don't worry, I've only been victim to my inner adrenaline junkie.  Let's just say I heart certain sports that require a special relationship with jumping which leads to falling...and rolling from time to time (not to be confused with "falling down the stairs," though)...

Anyway, I use THIS ONE:
Make sure it has alcohol and it is aerosol (sorry ozone)
It probably works without aerosol too...
Yes, let it dry on you even if it turns white.  You can wipe it off later!
You'll find that a small travel size in the purse will save you time and time again (do your friends' coffee tables come to mind?).

I'm not a Doctor and I'm not telling you to do this instead of go to one if you need.  By all means, go.
This is just one of those SECRETS that you happen to hear your personal glamorati urgent care whisper in your ear to get you through the small stuff, k?
There, there, all better now?  Good:)

Hugs and BandAids,

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beauty Bliss on Fat Tuesday

My favorite time of night is when everyone goes to bed and I have a chance to completely relax.  Wanna join me?  Tonight for instance, I can watch LOST and post pics of my beauty haul without too much hassle (...well, aside form the fact that I cannot wrap my brain around this show most of the time but am completely addicted).  So as I tell my BFF, EJ, "Come see what I got and let's play..."

I've been told videos are the best way to play with your haul, but we'll save that fun for later.  So, no need to think my friends.  Let's just look @ the pretty pictures*_*

*Includes my free Back2MAC lipstick in Craving*

*The Closest to Barbie pink that this Olive skinned girl can ever get*

*Craving, Inky (Unintentionally, similar in color to the OPI color below.  You know when you buy something twice because you love it so much you forgot you already bought it?  Well, kinda like that...), Bamboom*
-Thanks for helping with the colors Carli @ Macy's SCP!

*Freebie Face Primer (I'll let you know how it goes)*

*Fnally, #217*

*Found You Alice!*

*Pistacio from Cousin C*

*Myer Lemons from Mom's Garden (How she says, "I love you," besides "I love you.")*

*Starburst from Dad (How he says, "I love you," aside from "Let's check the oil in your car.")*

*Flourless Chocolate Cake from Cousin C*

*A long overdue pedicure in OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue! and my after Christmas Find @ Old Navy*

*Diva dress and F21 boots*

*Newest, Softest Sweater Ever*

*Chocolate from My Love*

That's probably all I can do for tonight my lovelies... time to slip into dreaming.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Having a Cold and Flu just sucks.  Why in the world are there so many useless medications at the store? Placed carefully on the shelves along an entire aisle with all their embellishments of children or adults receiving a dose of the advertised elixer, the lie is perpetuated; none provide the long-term relief of wellness.  Pharmaceutical companies have you by the... well, It's just mean.
We only show up at the height of illness and it is most likely at the end of an endured work day or long into the wee hours of a restless night.  Maybe you've waited too long for preventative measures like Rest, and now are there out of sheer desperation.  Under the piercing, fluorescent lights, you strain to read the small print that warns of any mindblowing side-effects from which any healthy, reproductive intending person would cower.  But not you.  Not right now.  So you're in the thick of sick, but you don't want to look like it?  Well, let's get you on the mend.

Beauty TLC Arsenal

Here is a list of my Favorite Solutions that are tried and true (they work miracles for kids too):
...for the outside
California Baby Colds and Flu Bubble Bath Aromatherapy
 miraculous @ relieving congestion and stuffiness, VERY Soothing
*Bubble Blower included;) FUN!* 
California Baby Calendula Cream
*Great for eczema and  dry, tender skin*

Neosporin and/or Rescue Balm
*Good for raw skin around the nose*
But if you really want a lip balm that works above and beyond...

Burt's Bees Lip Balm
The Absolute Answer to Chapped Lips & Freshens Breath by default
*been using it for years but Thanks to Jennifer and Rahiel at the SpoiledLittleLAGirlsBlog for reminding me*
*be careful, people will steal this from you (namely your significant other/bff ) and you'll have to buy it over and over if you're not careful*

Smashbox Photo Op (Love!)
Under eye brightener and can be used on top part of cheekbone
*Rescues you from comments like, "You look tired,".*

Laura Mercier Eye Basics (Primer)
Under your eye make-up when you have to go to Work
*Evens out redness*

Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes
You just want to go to bed but you have to take off the make-up!
*swipe, swipe, done!*

Cucumber Slices for 15 minutes then an Eye Mask (Soft Material for Sleep)
 *puffiness and relief* for the inside
RED TEA - Lemon Mint
Pangea Tea Company
Was given a sample and saw facial swelling and redness disappear in minutes (I have witnesses!)
*Thank you Lavender Tea Lounge SC sooo yummy*

Gargle w/warm water and Salt -
Cheap and Easy way to kill germs in your mouth and soothe your throat
*Thanks for this one Mom*

Great when you have to be at work

Bring the Good Bacteria Back to help you in the fight after Anti-bacterials, Antibiotics
That's it for now...Hope you feel better soon.  I'd love to hear of any remedies that you know too!


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