Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Plaid Wool Skirt Revival

I've had a hankering for plaid.
Last week, I found something that I used to wear soooo long ago.  I'm not even going to tell you when I wore it or you're gonna scream.  Have you ever rediscovered something that you absolutely adored before and now are delighted to find?  And even more exciting was that it fit!  
It was a perfectly chilly day for wool and almost as easy to put together as a dress.  It was one of those non-make-up days where I had to rush somewhere super early and attend to a burdensome load of things, hence no time for bells and whistles.  I figured that If I threw my hair up in a quick chignon and wore sunnies, no one would be the wiser.  By the time I got to taking pics for you, my chignon was withered by the weather and more of a chig-not, but the progression represents so much of how the day went, so I'll go ahead and post;)
 Anyhow, I think the skirt pretty much held the spotlight...
Anthropologie Sweater, Vintage Skirt, JCrew Tights, Laundry by Shelli Segal Jacket, Michael Kors Wedges, Ray Ban Sunglasses

Turns out, it was so much fun to wear!  Love that it is made so well, it wears like new.  I'm so glad that I decided to take it out to play.  What do you think?


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Could Use Some Eye-Catching Color These Days

Sitting here on a Sunday usually entails a great deal of waiting.  I've been here for quite some time doing this today and have realized that my living room could use a spice of color here and there to entice the Spring sunshine to stay.  Maybe a vivid piece-de-resistance would help ease the monochromatic fog of all the gray weather we've been dealt here lately.
I've found a couple of really great pieces of furniture that has inspired me to put together a few things that might satisfy this craving.  If only we could leave the house (ahem...how long does it take to put on shoes?) so I may explore these options in person...
Red Flowers Sofa fr Anthropologie.com
Marc Aviators fr Shopbop.com
UrbanOutfitters.com   Circa 78 Wildflower Necklace
Images fr Topshop.com
KEANE Loafer, Moschino Cheap and Chic, and Geranium Heel fr. Piperlime.com
Liberty of London Home Collection fr Target.com
Louisa Petite Settee fr Anthropologie.com
Gold Button Biker Jacket fr. Topshop.com
Turquoise Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet fr Beso.com
Ali Ro 209 fr Bluefly.com
Balenciaga fr ELLE
Derek Lam fr ELLE.com
TBags Strapless Dress fr Shopbop.com
Siegerson Morrison fr Outnet.com
Image fr. Anthropologie.com
Mitchell Armless Chair fr Target.com

I know everyone has already raided the Targets around the nation as well as the interwebs by now for the release of Zac Posen's collection, so I'm hoping that I can catch an in-person glimpse of something (if there is anything left) once I get to leave this humble abode;)

Can't wait to read about all of your finds.


Friday, April 23, 2010

What Did You Wear To Coachella and Earth Day?

Image fr shopbop.com
This picture seems to depict a peace that is so far from some of the fantastic realities of Coachella and Earth Day that I just had to post.

It's ideal isn't it?  The shade in the car seems to provide this fresh faced, non-sweaty model a place of refuge from the sweltering desert sun and hopelessly drunken males (yup, the one who couldn't put on his flip flop as well as the one who is running rampant in his tighty whities). She lounges lazily on the black, leather seats (without losing skin) in a crimson, ruffled bikini bottom (LOVE, but alas, Sold Out) and bohemian long sleeve top pondering what to do next (because that is a HUGE problem).

She looks ahhh-mazing, but bored!!  Her outfit is impeccable, yet she completely misleads the inexperienced onlooker or online shopper preparing to purchase proper attire into thinking THEY TOO will have a quiet moment to think at the upcoming event.
Well, now that all is said and done, many of you giggle with me.

As in life, we go and purchase, or revive, our favorite things in hopes that we will also have a model moment to ourselves to soak everything in.  This is why we love to look at the beautiful models in the mags.  We are able to see captured moments (carefully choreographed) and we very rarely get that in our own lives.
We dress in our meticulously planned outfits and we lovingly prepare our faces only to exit our homes and enter into a world of chaos - experiencing fantastically, fun, yet utterly, unstoppable minutes that fly into the next.  

And I can almost guarantee that at the end of the day, we all wish we could have taken a few moments to be present and stop time if not to just hold on to some of those very moments just a little bit longer;)

So I encourage you to remember this picture and challenge yourself to do it this weekend.
Smell the Roses. 
Smile and Look a Little Longer. 
Listen and Enjoy the Music.  
Happy Friday My Friends old and new!  Thank you for following:)


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Feet - How to Deal with the Side Effects of Shoe Fetish

Socks Rock...
Speaking of shoes, I am relieved that there is even an avant garde nod to the idea of wearing socks with our favorite shoes as seen here at the Hermes show.  This totally brings me back to my childhood:)  I used to rock the socks with my sandals all the time...
This season I'll attempt to properly incorporate this much more sensible approach into my everyday style. In the meantime, I will share a great Beauty S.O.S. on keeping feet fresh when socks are not an option.
...but Smelly Feet Stink!
We should be nicer to our feet, right?  They do so much for us despite our demands. 
Slip (Squeeze) into this feet.
Walk feet.
Go there feet.
Look Good feet.
Keep it going feet!
After long, hot days in lovely shoes, I find that Sweat is an inevitable adversary.  Now that the days are lengthening and the chances of bare (or exposed) feet are increasing, we often run right into Smelly Feet 911 after a long day in the trenches. 
Invited last minute by someone special to Happy Hour cocktails?
Girlfriends ready to hit the dance floor in strappy sandals?
After-work meeting with clients at the new Hot Spot in town?
Did your spouse just inform you that you're having dinner with VIPs (Boss, neighbors, friends, kids)?
Don't Soak Your Head Silly, Soak Your Feet;)
Under your workdesk
In the restroom
In your car
Pretty much anywhere there's privacy
1. Grab some Mouthwash*
2. Fill a medium, shallow pan/tub/container (anything that will fit your feet will do) with enough Mouthwash to cover at least halfway up your foot.
3. Soak for 10 minutes
4. Towel Dry.
5. Go:)
*If you have cuts or open wounds, I'd suggest Epsom salts and warm water til you heal.
This is all I have on hand.
It may be beneficial to use one with antiseptic properties...
I worked a Trend Show Weekend in 2007 that had me running so much that by Sunday my feet were too swollen to fit into my shoes.  If I only knew then what I know now.  Probably could've used it during the last trimester of pregnancy too...
Give it a try.  I think you'll like the results!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Welcome Back to Work Monday - Don't Be Fashionably Late...

Spring Enlightenment
Coming back to work after a weekend is tough.  Don't you agree it would be waaayyyy easier to return to grueling hours and relentless demands if we had a work friendly wardrobe and some gorgeous shoes to help us through it all?

CHANEL via Style.com
Somehow, I can't get my mind off of Shoes...
Light Up Rodarte fr Shoe Obsessed

Although I just adore the Chanel SS10 line, I would probably opt out of wearing clogs.  In the past few days, I've had the opportunity to check out some of the most fabulous (couture and ready-to-wear) shoes that have graced the pages of the blogosphere (It's been quite rainy here so I haven't had my mind on much more than Wellies and Boots, so I do apologize if you are well on your way into the AW10 collections).  Now that the sun seems to be teasing us more here on the West Coast, I'm ready to think pedicures and playful platforms. I'm actually Thrilled to at least have had the privilege to lay my eyes on these beauties.

The term "Wish List" seems a bit lofty for my budget, so I'll call this the "In My Dreams List,".  What's on yours?



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