Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hesitant Going Nude...

Word on the street is that the hottest nail color right now is...taupe.  I was unsure about this direction after many months of sliding along the entire spectrum of, well, er...black.  There was burgundy/black, purple/black, blue/black, green/black, metallic, glossy, matte, french manicure matte/black on glossy/black (juuuust kidding, that was Kim Kardashian) ...ok, I see how it's backlashing towards the lighter side of the neutrals.  But taupe?   At first, I was worried that this color could be a little more than unflattering to unmoisturized hands.  But then I figured, Why Not?  It's a go-to color in the best of closets and mixes easily with the bolder colors you own.  It just makes sense.  So yesterday, as an excuse to get reacquainted with the elusive sun, I ran into the local drugstore and picked up some of this.  And this is how it worked out:

Much to my surprise, I'm really digging it.  Maybe it's the fact that it's not too gray.  I'd say it's more clay than chalk.  It would actually be pretty chill with a dark, marine blue dress.  This one in particular is ORLY - Country Club Khaki and it seems to have a tone that picks up any pinks in the skin and compliments it.  Think of it as a no-hassle color that rather than screams, it simply states polish (sorry for the pun) - flawless finishing for your fingers. 

However, let the novice beware.  I would suggest you take the color to the salon if you are hesitant; this is not one that can go on sloppy.  And keep the amount of coats to a minimum - like one.  For this brand in particular, I found that without careful application and a top coat, you may get streaks.   Besides, your salon professional will exfoliate, moisturize and massage you so the blood will be flowing and the skin will be glowing.  So splurge if you get the urge to try.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Vampires Beware, I Love Garlic

Ok, now to focus on more beauty matters at hand such as the topic of How To Rid Ourselves of Garlic Breath. 

but first, an ode...

I love that, as a whole, the head of garlic can be placed in the oven; with a mere drizzle of olive oil and a slight sprinkle of sea salt, it then slowly will brown and roast into a buttery consistency thereby allowing it to melt unabashedly into your mouth.  I love that you can peel a clove right off of the body and hear the crackle of the skin, then coax open it's essence with a swift spank of the side of your knife (think less violence more foreplay).  I love the smell that wafts up into the kitchen as the delicate, fruity quality of olive oil mingles with the, once overpowering and bitter, quality of the garlic; the oil somehow has the power to persuade this controversial herb/vegetable to open up and show the more subtle, but seductive, nuances in its flavor.  Marinara, Scampi, Skirt Steak, Bread, Hummus, Stuffed Mushrooms, you name it, I'll add it.  And if I need to bring a bold dish to a potluck, I'll feel better if bagna cauda is at the party.  Because if everyone tries it, no one will smell it on anyone's breath, right?

now just stick a spoon in it (your mouth that is)

They say (and whoever "they" are... does it matter?) that one garlic cancels another.  For instance, only order a Caesar Salad if your date does too.  Well, that seems to work, but what if someone you're with eats stuffed garlic mushrooms and you only want a house salad?  SIMPLE. Just make sure you share a dessert. Wait a minute, what?  Yup. Pay attention. SECRET: Stainless Steel neutralizes the smell of garlic (and onion for that matter).  Regardless of your chosen cuisine, you must at least have a dessert or coffee so that you can obtain a spoon.  It must be stainless steel.  I know some restaurants only offer actual silverware, but in that case, I suggest keeping a teaspoon handy in your clutch.

Be seductive.  No one will notice that you're cleaning your pallette and scraping your tongue if you act like you are really into your double chocolate, caramel mud meltdown.  You're going to have to literally rub the garlic oils off of your tongue.  Scrape, salivate, suck, swirl people!  You do want to get a goodnight smooch don't you?  I don't care if you're on a diet, it works for coffee too.  For goodness sake, at least get some whip cream on top so you don't look like a crackhead though.  Be creative. Be flirty. Be sly. This could be the segue to what happens next.

Of course, the ol' brushing of teeth never hurt anyone (might as well floss while you're at it), and yes, mints/candy/gum help.  However, sometimes a moment happens and there is No Time to hit up the restroom for primping so suck it up and spoon!  Oh, and make sure to share...

Have Fun and please, please, please keep me posted.  I'd love to hear how it went;)


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moody in the Madness or the Back and Forth of It All

This week hasn't been kind.  Aside from the torrential winds and buckets of water (which are actually quite comforting in my melancholy), I have been hydroplaning from one obstacle to another.  It has to be a test I tell you.  What does it all mean?  Again I ask in vain.

If I were to share at all with you, it should be through pictures and videos.  There are no words that could do any of it justice.  But alas, my inability to upload from my mobile is blocked.  Why?  Am I so delayed that I am unable to upload simple things just like I do with everything else?  No, no, blocked as in 'haven't jumped through enough service provider hoops' to link my devices without kinks...major, debilitating, composure-challenging ones.

So until I can figure out how to post, I shall give you a peek into my painting:

Woke up in wetness
House Flood from Above
"Terms of Endearment" moment @ the Warehouse Superstore
Dead Battery
Front Row Tix for the Tornado
Large Machines Making Mad Noise
Febrile Fever
More Decible Destroying Machines
Louder Intrusions with Long Legs
Venting and Venting

I found out this morning that no amount of coffee or chocolate could fix cranky today.  I've done really well and have been Positive Pollyanna since Tuesday and now I'm Done (yes, like steak, overdone and charred to be exact).  An emerging Evil Me has had enough and it's time to balance.

However, in an effort to offer you words or pictures from The OC REGISTER that lead you to better pastures, here goes:  Learned last night from Bear Grylls that one Chinese Proverb says, "Tommorow will be a better day,".  Hope yours is too.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

In Search of the Superficial to Attain Momentary Bliss (Purple Eyeliner pt.3)

Resolution: To Complete Things I Start

I suppose on New Years Day, we all expect that we have a chance to start fresh.  Maybe that is why we celebrate like mad on the 31st - drunk with thoughts of reconciliation and possibility - until well beyond the stroke of midnight.  I sit and wonder how many celebrations I can actually recall but quickly come to realize, save a handful of fabulous moments in time, I have spent this specific "holiday" not doing much more than watching the ball drop on tv from the comforts of home.  I know, bo-ring, right?  Meh, sometimes I think NYE ranks up there with St. Patrick's Day - no offense, but somewhere inside, I hear a voice: "Amature Night."  I mean, we all celebrate these with glasses in the air, but the probability of the Foolish people sneaking out from under their rocks is high on these evenings.  And quite frankly, I like to steer clear. Actually, I welcome the banality of pjs and a remote control with open arms, because by the time the last day of the year has piled up, I am flattened and fried. And in my exhaustion, I shall hole up, at least for the next few days, and do absolutely nothing in particular except catch you up with my latest adventures.  I know it may be frivolous, but make-up/beauty/youth is all about pushing creativity.  It's my little piece of colorful in this shades-of-vampire-gray world.  I would also like to address one of my main resolutions, which is to live this year while consistently answering the question, "What do I want?".

So tonight, I offer you a blog:)  It will have no particular direction, but hopefully, as I mentally process this time of the year, it will be somewhat entertaining in the are-you-kidding-me-right-now/well, that's somewhat interesting kind of way.   Why?  Because after braving counter after counter during the Christmas season, I need to share.

I've been hitting the pavement and investigating products just for the sake of finding the best stuff out there.  Without all the brainwashing from the media or influence of free product bribery (I wish! Wouldn't that be a kick?!), I would really like to discover the Creme de la Creme.  I try to hold no bias based on price or label.  I've been testing things on my face, my hands, my inner arm...  I've sniffed perfumes until my head pounded and my nose bled (just kidding, but it felt like it would).  I have kept pages of notes comparing and contrasting, but what it really comes down to is You Have to Go Knowing What You're Looking For.  Case in point? Purple eyeliner mission completed.

I had a plan. I was to focus on all available purples and test them out on my hand.  After one hour and a hand slashed with multiple shades of purple eyeliner, it was clear that I would only find what I wanted based on what my standards were. 

Some were great going on but insulted the hell out of my wallet.  Some were cheap and not just in price.  Some were just plain discontinued. *Sigh* There are just too many options sometimes.  I went from counter to counter, store to store, and found that even though there are a bazillion people standing around doing nothing, they do not necessarily want to help me.  But I will say that Haley and Myrissa @ Macy's should get a raise because in the sea of stares, they are the two stars willing to help a girl out.  Props ladies;)  Unfortunately, I still did not find the color I loved.  Onward.

Whew! In a word: OVERWHELMING. Time passed.  I began to tire of being the human scratch board.  Suddenly, in the hazy light of late morning, I was lured into the bright, well-organized  M.A.C. store, and checked out the gamut of purples available.  It was like an oasis in the desert of proper product presentation.  However, I realized that I had 15 minutes, but I was in the right place so np. I found not 1, but 2, exquisite shades of purple that quenched my thirst.  My head was spinning, but it was early enough so that I was offered a proper tutorial by a guardian angel of M.A.C. (I would mention the artist's name, but I'm not allowed to tell...). After several attempts to find the perfect match for me,  I finally had a plethora of choices AND a guide (Speaking of options, go to the website if you want to find out about the differences in liner types for this particular brand; there's something for everyone). 

I just got absolutely hooked on "Bordeauxline," which is a no-nonsense, creamy, sultry, aubergine "powerpoint" crayon. We're talkin sexy smooth - just waxy enough to glide-on and just matte enough to stay put.  Yummm.  It's the kind that glides on and just begs to be laid on the waterline.  Then, there it was.  A flicker. A spark. Eureka. I'm shown the most intriguing, electric, violet color that ever graced my prescence.  It's name: "Electrolady," of course.  Not for the faint-hearted, it's a metallic, purple, liquid liner (just use small, manageable strokes, and rest your outer hand lightly on your face as you line to stay steady).  It's sensational.  It demands to be taken out about town.  This little liquidlast liner is said to withstand almost anything including time.  I was instructed to use an oil-based eye make-up remover for this.  I'm thinkin' Lancome Bi-facil hands down.  Anyway, I couldn't decide, so I took both home.  One for day, used with "Shale" and one for Date Night, used with "Indianwood" paint pot.  Defined brow and thick black lashes, and Welcome back Hotter.  Btw, I left the liquid on overnight (bad, I know, but for testing purposes) and it even stayed through the steamy shower! 

Well, that's that for now because it's late and purple eyeliner doesn't go well with dark circles. I'll probably share my Beauty Booty Blog tomorrow and hopefully get savvy with pics;)  Night night, don't let the haters bite...



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