Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hesitant Going Nude...

Word on the street is that the hottest nail color right now is...taupe.  I was unsure about this direction after many months of sliding along the entire spectrum of, well, er...black.  There was burgundy/black, purple/black, blue/black, green/black, metallic, glossy, matte, french manicure matte/black on glossy/black (juuuust kidding, that was Kim Kardashian) ...ok, I see how it's backlashing towards the lighter side of the neutrals.  But taupe?   At first, I was worried that this color could be a little more than unflattering to unmoisturized hands.  But then I figured, Why Not?  It's a go-to color in the best of closets and mixes easily with the bolder colors you own.  It just makes sense.  So yesterday, as an excuse to get reacquainted with the elusive sun, I ran into the local drugstore and picked up some of this.  And this is how it worked out:

Much to my surprise, I'm really digging it.  Maybe it's the fact that it's not too gray.  I'd say it's more clay than chalk.  It would actually be pretty chill with a dark, marine blue dress.  This one in particular is ORLY - Country Club Khaki and it seems to have a tone that picks up any pinks in the skin and compliments it.  Think of it as a no-hassle color that rather than screams, it simply states polish (sorry for the pun) - flawless finishing for your fingers. 

However, let the novice beware.  I would suggest you take the color to the salon if you are hesitant; this is not one that can go on sloppy.  And keep the amount of coats to a minimum - like one.  For this brand in particular, I found that without careful application and a top coat, you may get streaks.   Besides, your salon professional will exfoliate, moisturize and massage you so the blood will be flowing and the skin will be glowing.  So splurge if you get the urge to try.



  1. I've heard more than a few people raving about gray based polishes. I'm not much of a polish type, but from what I see.. when it's done right, it's very striking.

    I think the colour you chose works well with your skintone, great choice for your first taupe. :]

  2. Nepenthe- Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! Truely, I just walked into the drugstore and took a chance on this color(:

    Glad you stopped by and love that you're back to blogging after the insanity that was December!

  3. I have a nude color that's a little pinker than taupe, but has a similar effect -- Essie in Eternal Optimist. It's fantastic. It looks great on toes, and it really elongates hands (which sounds weird, but is actually supercute, haha).
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog -- I'm loving yours, can't wait for more!
    xxoo Josie

  4. Josie-Thanks for the alternative color option:) It's surprisingly awesome, right? Can't wait to read more from you too! So fabulous that you're following - Thank you!!



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