Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moody in the Madness or the Back and Forth of It All

This week hasn't been kind.  Aside from the torrential winds and buckets of water (which are actually quite comforting in my melancholy), I have been hydroplaning from one obstacle to another.  It has to be a test I tell you.  What does it all mean?  Again I ask in vain.

If I were to share at all with you, it should be through pictures and videos.  There are no words that could do any of it justice.  But alas, my inability to upload from my mobile is blocked.  Why?  Am I so delayed that I am unable to upload simple things just like I do with everything else?  No, no, blocked as in 'haven't jumped through enough service provider hoops' to link my devices without kinks...major, debilitating, composure-challenging ones.

So until I can figure out how to post, I shall give you a peek into my painting:

Woke up in wetness
House Flood from Above
"Terms of Endearment" moment @ the Warehouse Superstore
Dead Battery
Front Row Tix for the Tornado
Large Machines Making Mad Noise
Febrile Fever
More Decible Destroying Machines
Louder Intrusions with Long Legs
Venting and Venting

I found out this morning that no amount of coffee or chocolate could fix cranky today.  I've done really well and have been Positive Pollyanna since Tuesday and now I'm Done (yes, like steak, overdone and charred to be exact).  An emerging Evil Me has had enough and it's time to balance.

However, in an effort to offer you words or pictures from The OC REGISTER that lead you to better pastures, here goes:  Learned last night from Bear Grylls that one Chinese Proverb says, "Tommorow will be a better day,".  Hope yours is too.


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