Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cheating Piece of Rant

Who knows if I'll ever, ever post this one.  But I have to name the proverbial Elephant in the Room.  I call you out sucka.  Don't be all, "Who me?"  You know if I'm talkin to you.  And if I'm not, then you know who I'm talkin to so just listen.

If we're all supposed to be in this world together, well you are not helping it be better with that attitude.  You hear the word "Karma" being thrown around all the time (and maybe you use it), but re-a-lize that karma is not just a single event.  Karma is energy and we are all connected fool.  So damn, that means we are all affected by you.  You are affected by us.  Whether we like it or not.  Great. 
Then I say get off your ass and get with the program here.  
Do your part (whatever you want that to represent).

And pooparazzi, leave Sandra alone.  America's sweetheart doesn't need your stabs right now. *two fingers straight up*  I think you're a talented and beautiful soul Sandra.  Of course, I don't know you at all personally, but I feel like I recognize a strong woman when I see one.  The roles you have chosen, empower me to be better.  Your interviews seem genuine anyway.

As for the other one.  Well, I'm going to tell you the truth even if it bothers you.  Maybe things went differently than you expected. Maybe before anyone ever knew you, you lived as a lovely and kindhearted mother who was just making an honest buck.  Maybe you, like many, had good intentions in life.  But maybe someone lied to you about beauty or love.
I hope that you do not let the media lie to you.  I hope that you realize that you are too valuable a person to be getting yourself involved with this futile bullshit.  You are a couple of someone's mom, you know? Stand up and be counted.  Start making better choices  for your soul.  Make your kids proud.  Yeah, it's hard work.  We're all aware.

So just like in the past, when friends would try to warn me of certain people, I choose to make my own decisions with how I interpret "things."  That's what I'll do now.  Let's see...what are the main issues here?  Hmmm.  Good question.  Well, let me address my "Deep Thoughts" (definitely a SNL reference).

1) Why is it that we as "the public" should take sides?

2) Why are we making judgments?

3) WTH. Why has this been an issue poisoning us ALL?  I didn't make that decision.  I should be free from this hell.  I am Supposed to be free.  Who am I kidding?  I'm trapped in this hell with all of you because we are collectively "One Love. One Heart. Let's Get Together and Feel Alright."  Thanks for the reminder Bob.

*and I think that this is the most important OVERALL issue:
4) It's not who he decided to cheat on Sandra (Jen, Elin, Kate, You) 
with (Michelle, Rachel, Angelina, the Doctor's kid, Hopefully Your Name NOT Here Sista. Brotha.)
 that really matters.  
 In reference to a wise woman I know, "Think about it."  
It will always be about why.  
What is crucial is the very event or continuous events that has caused the couple down this dark and tragic road.

5) We should stand back and leave these people alone so they can try to forgive and salvage or sever ties (you bet I wrote, "and" in that particular place.  Reconciliation and Forgiveness are liberating to everyone involved).  
Issue: They made vows.  Therefore, it is not between us.  It's between them.
And that actually sucks doesn't it?  Because the accountability falls back into the laps of the two cats who started this whole situation hurling towards the unknown/now known.
 I know it's out of order right now.  I just had better jot down my thoughts before they escape me.  I may fix it later.  I may not.  Bear with me.
So you found out that someone was cheating on someone.  Yeah, I've heard that before.  That's a bummer.  Seriously.  My heart feels for you and I will pray that you heal with knowledge from the experiences.  Hello?  This is your mother speaking. Don't do that again.  I love you.  Don't you love you?  Is it true that we all have been touched by infidelity through at least one degree of separation?  I say yes.

Why does the media have to push us to take a side?  That's none of my business.  Trust me.  I've got enough shit going on around here to worry about that stuff.  Oh hey!  So Do You!  Well then?  Let's talk about nurturing, polishing, and fixing our little piece of the connection here as opposed to how everyone else is doing things wrong.

We are being fooled into thinking that we should judge...well, everybody else.  The truth is that this is actually a blessing so we can be more aware of our own human behavior.  WHY?  We all have decisions to make.  Everything has consequences.  So why do I think this in particular is a big deal?  Well, heck, if it's out there and the theme is growing obnoxiously repetitive, then it's a big deal because WE ALL MUST BE DEALING W/IT, right?  Right now, if it's not happening to you, it's happening to someone you know or someone they know. And if we're all connected, it's cancer within the whole.

I'm sad that the wholesome image and peace of Golf has been tarnished for me.  I'm sad that I heard a reporter actually question whether having tattoos all over your body indicated bad character.  Such Bull.  I used to golf to get away from the stress.  Plus, I know some really freaking awesome people with tattoos all over their bodies.  You can only sweep things under a rug for so long.  The Media spits it in our faces all day.
  Thanks. We get it.  
Our definition or "pursuit of" this thing called, Love, is under duress.

I have no answers.  I just can't help but think that this may indicate that so many more of us are in denial of how we really feel.  Are we living numb?  Is it because we are bombarded with distractions and expectations of what we're striving to achieve and who we are?  Is it just a matter of primal instinct and T&A overload? Then why the freak is everyone getting married? Humanity is a Hot Mess.

We struggle to find love. companionship. good sex. whatever.  Maybe it's all about just telling the truth to each other and letting the cards lie where they land.  Maybe it's about finding happiness and peace within ourselves before we let others define it for us.  Life is learning.  Hmmm.  These themes sound familiar...
Happy Pondering,


  1. Who am I to judge doesn’t help the kid, growing up in public attention, flourish as a human being. I always wondered why the media people, broadcasting Lindsay go down with her addictions, the paparazzi, whoever ..if they’re there watching it ..why aren’t they doing something to help. Isn’t it human nature to want to help fellow human beings anymore ...

    Karma is energy and we are all connected fool.

    Good blog ..thanks for sharing it. ..and thanks for following and inviting others to follow

  2. Thank you so much for the compliment Bill:) As a fellow blogger, I'm sure you understand when I say, sometimes I write things and wonder if anyone will actually hear. It's always nice to hear what you're thinking too. xBRB



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