Saturday, March 27, 2010

Waking Up With CHANEL-Why We Should Go Back to the Make-up Counters

spend a minute with brow raised beauty
 Well,  I certainly hope I will be more of a blessing than a curse on this earth.  It's hard though.  What do you think? Yeah? I suppose on that note, I'm letting you know that the page is open for business but under construction.  Please excuse the mess.  There's method and madness in it.  What was that quote from TB's Alice? Anyway, too bad for us all that procrastination waits in the wings. *sigh* So tempting...
How's everyone doing?
Me? Happy. Today I went to an event for some playtime and guess where I went? 
...take the time once in a while to go back to the Counters and seek Professional Help.
Yay! Gorgeous.  Today was a make-up day.  Ever do that?  Just visit the counters to say, "Hello Lovely,"?  There's something to be said about seeking out advice about a specific line from someone who consistently attends training sessions held by their label.  They are given information fresh from the runways.  I highly recommend revisiting some soon:)
 I'd like to thank Moshi and Tracy (hope I spelled it right) for a fun girl morning.  You glamour girls are great!  M and T were not only knowledgeable about the product, but they also explained specific artistic technique and shared health savvy that far surpassed my expectations.  Love finding solid consultants!! Awwwwesommmmee... They even taught me a few tricks.  Seriously, you gals are so helpful!!  I'll Definitely be back! Ok, you ready?
First, though, there's a couple of things you should be aware of:
1. Not too much sleep last night.
2. Drank more coffee than water this month.
3. Hormones are cruel.
4. Milia (tiny hardened calcium on the skin) is a beyotch.
Now, shall we?
Top: No Makeup
Left: HydraMax Serum, Beaute Initiale Moisturizer
Right: #30 Concealer applied w/brush #1
Bottom: Beige Lumiere Translucent #3 applied with sponge and Brush #16
*isn't the fluorescent lighting so flattering? not.
Imprevu Blush
Eyebrows (and excuse my designer bags), Kaska Beige Eyeshadow, Ambre Liner
 Lips (a coral I can wear): Spice Liner
ta da!
Couldn't leave with out The Poudre Douce, and HydraMax Lip Care
(BRB approved!)

I tried to show the makeup under different lighting so you could see how it's blended really well.  It looks dewy.  It looks soft.  It looks great under sun, indirect sun, fluorescents, and flash:)  
Epic Win. 

 did not receive these as product/brand endorsements. 
Quite frankly, some of these pics are a bit close for comfort, but I really wanted you to see how the Poudre Douce (pink miracle powder) really highlights certain parts of the face (mountains vs. valleys) in a flattering way.  It seems to soften it Big Time. Love. Love. Love.  And really Great for pictures (even though I'm feeling a bit self-conscious with my face all over this post) if you have a date, dance, performance, whathaveyou!  And as for the HydraMax Lip Tx, it seems to be working so far...
 Happy Weekend Friends!  Hope you get to catch some moments of pure indulgence too;)


  1. Looks fun. I could use a visit to the Chanel counter. I love their lip Glosses..Unity is a longtime favorite.

  2. Hi Adaline:)
    I say go for it. You deserve some pampering! Their glosses are beautiful, I agree. I'm craving the Cognac liner right now (dewy, fluid, neutral).



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