Saturday, June 25, 2016

#Dirty #PotsandPans #Life #Hack - Under 10 Minutes with Minimal Struggle


This is not beautiful, I know. But if you want pretty pictures, go to my Instagram feed. You have landed on the BRB blog, where you are obviously Not in a lovely place; you are living in the real world where you have a little 911 on your hands.

You seek my help because things are, well, getting...messy.

I've heard all the excuses before, heck, I have used them myself. You've been focused on social media, parties, meetings, guests, appointments, kids, YT...

Hey, this is a Judgement Free Zone. My full-time job of Social Events Coordinator/Chauffeur to my people this summer has kept me out of my house so I completely relate.

But I'm going to get real with you: Even though your schedules are tight, If you don't HANDLE the DISHES, They Will Man Handle YOU.

No worries. I am here for you, my friend. There is no reason you cannot conquer baked-on-caked-on-neglected pots and pans with dried up and sticky day old (or more???) food (ie., orange chicken or please don't tell me...moldy pasta???!?).   I'm talking to you, adult children of whom we approve!! Ok, Ok, no judging, I promise.

I got you.

Follow these Steps VERY CAREFULLY:

1) GO to the dryer (or washroom area) or where you left your last clean pile of clothes THAT YOU MEANT to FOLD and Put Away, but are still there.

2) FIND the old Dryer Sheet you used. Moms, I know you used one. College Kids, you need to use one because your laundry is a liiiitttttle... RIPE. Still.

Go on, you can do it. I'll wait here...

3) Did you Get it? Now, do a little spin, and throw it in the Pot/Pan.

4) Fill the Pot/Pan with lukewarm water.

5) WALK AWAY for 10-15 minutes depending on severity of the situation. You may add a drop of soap if you cannot help yourself, but it's better to use it at the end.

6) COME BACK in 10-15 minutes (please). Set the timer on your phone or you'll forget.

7) Easily wipe away the grime. You may use a couple of drops of Environmentally Friendly, Non-SLS Dishsoap if you need.

8)RESUME Life and Smile👊🏽 You're Welcome😇💋

Don't believe me?                                       


I'm pretty sure there are still many of you who need this. Recently, I attended a Birthday BBQ; I shared this with 2 girlfriends while we were cleaning baked beans from the crock pot.  They were really excited about it. I hope you and your Mani 💅🏼are now, too💝


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