Monday, September 12, 2016

Kat Von D #LockItRevolution Review

What I found inside...
 The Box

Have you gotten one of these yet?

When I first posted this on my Ig, I could barely get in the house before setting these up for a few pics. The sun was about to set and I was scrambling to get a post in by evening.

This particular parcel was given unusual priority.

Here's the usual progression: Email comes in announcing that the package is en route. I then spend the next week or so "Tracking Package Progress" obsessively. Upon arrival, I am inevitably preoccupied with _______(fill-in the blank), so thereby completely unable to open the highly anticipated said package. Hence, the box gets opened for a moment, but then must patiently wait for it's official "unboxing".

However, this time I got into it like a little kid on Christmas Morning. Tissue. Flying. Everywhere.

Before I knew they were being sent to me, I was wanting the concealer so badly that I had placed it in a cart on at least 2 different websites. I contemplated what wants versus actual needs were defined to be. All the while I was possibly waiting for some type of miracle that the mind-numbing amount of money that I had spent on Back-to-School items would somehow yield a $30 excess left in the budget. The summer was mostly for others. Truly, I probably craved having just one thing all for myself.

As you can imagine, I gave out a great shout for joy when I learned a concealer was on its way. But what I did not expect was that Influenster had more exciting things in store. Here's my review:

I love the innovative, streamlined design of the handle of this brush. It is a pleasure to leave laying out on my desk; it is sleek in its simplicity. When holding the brush, it is light & weighted correctly so that it is effortless when applying concealer. The bristles are graded so it tapers to a flat angled edge in the center. This helps with specific maneuvering around curves of the face. It's easy to create the upside down triangle with this. It would make for a usable contour brush around the nose area.

Think of a brand new, soft teddy bear but lighter in composition. It's softer than that! SO lightweight in the hands AND works well to apply setting powder in a non-invasive way. It is not scratchy. It doesn't mess up your makeup. It is unreasonably my latest obsession...I received this free for review, but I'm serious. Would I spend $38 on it? I might. Would you? Check it out for yourself and see.

This sets the foundation nicely. The powder is lightweight and unscented. Heard about some seeing pearly flecks, but that didn't show up on my skin. It was just pure, lovely finish. Ideal for light skin but great on my olive skin too. Received many compliments so far. My hesitation is that it is $30. That could be the deal killer if you are happy with your Coty Powder. But, If you are already splurging on the La Mer, then this could be a good alternative. I do like it better than the Make-Up Forever one because there is no white flashback in pictures. Additionally, I find it to be a much lighter and more comfortable formula compared to Laura Mercier's Translucent setting powder.

 This stuff is magic. I have normal to dry skin. Nothing has ever worked on me because it always settles in and accentuates all the fine lines. But this concealer makes me look fresh. It withstands the day into the evening.  Leaves a beautiful finish on the skin under the eyes. The light will hit under your eyes and reflect so you look awake. Do the upside down triangle and Blend.

Don't use a lot. Use a dab with the KVD #40 concealer brush. You should be happy with the results. Do Not over do it; it would be like overdoing a liquid lip so it looks thick and cakey. The formula is Lightweight despite med-full coverage. One thing is you have to work quickly because it tends to set right away. Apply under good lighting for best results.

I use the M25 as my concealer and I use the M17 as a matte highlight if I feel like contouring.

Let me know how you are liking this product. I love hearing from all of you. Have a great week!

I received these products free for reviewing purposes.
#LockItRevolution #Influenster #KatVonDBeauty 
My opinions are based on my own experience with the product.
I always recommend doing a test patch before purchasing to check for sensitivities.


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