Monday, September 12, 2016

In Search of: #EyeCreams in #AntiAging #Skincare

My Eye Cream Options
In search of: Eye Cream that makes me look Fresh and Vibrant so no one will tell me, "You look tired," Again. Has this happened to you??  ...I love when people say that to me, SAID NO ONE EVER.

Eye creams are a bone of contention between all those who do or do not use them. Some of us say they are necessary, while others do not believe they are worth your money.

I'm open to either.

What I'm realizing is that a decluttering is necessary. I'm pretty sure the sample of Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Serum is treating me well and is working for my transition towards clean skincare ingredients quite nicely. As you will notice, I've used it all up.

Except for 3 that have been mine for a while, the rest are deluxe sample sizes I've received. Caution: I'm about to share my no means am I saying these do our do not work. I'm sharing my personal experience with it because it may help.

I want to love La Mer with all my heart. I really do. The burn story and the green sea miracle broth really fascinates and excites me. But WHY Mineral Oil? That is a gunky, petroleum by-product. Please La Mer, I beg you, take that out of the ingredients. We don't want that on our skin.

The Perricone MD was fine until they raised their price from$150 to $185 within a year. Um, hello? It didn't work so well that this inflation is justifiable.

Sadly, the Caudalie PremiĆ©r Cru and the L'Occitane Divine Eye Cream have done very little for me especially considering the cost. This makes me so sad because I Love the Caudalie line immensely. The L'Occitane story about the white Immortelle flower is as gorgeous as the scent. But in terms of anti-aging...meh, I saw no difference.   As for the others, I've been curious to try the Algenist Beauty Eye Balm that came in my Sephora Play Box.

Importantly, in my move towards cleaner choices, you can see the eye serum from  Kahina Giving Beauty has been winning my affection. It's kept me hydrated and feels cooling underneath the eyes. So far it's lovely and unscented. I'll keep you updated.

What Eye Creams do you all recommend?


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