Friday, February 5, 2010


Having a Cold and Flu just sucks.  Why in the world are there so many useless medications at the store? Placed carefully on the shelves along an entire aisle with all their embellishments of children or adults receiving a dose of the advertised elixer, the lie is perpetuated; none provide the long-term relief of wellness.  Pharmaceutical companies have you by the... well, It's just mean.
We only show up at the height of illness and it is most likely at the end of an endured work day or long into the wee hours of a restless night.  Maybe you've waited too long for preventative measures like Rest, and now are there out of sheer desperation.  Under the piercing, fluorescent lights, you strain to read the small print that warns of any mindblowing side-effects from which any healthy, reproductive intending person would cower.  But not you.  Not right now.  So you're in the thick of sick, but you don't want to look like it?  Well, let's get you on the mend.

Beauty TLC Arsenal

Here is a list of my Favorite Solutions that are tried and true (they work miracles for kids too):
...for the outside
California Baby Colds and Flu Bubble Bath Aromatherapy
 miraculous @ relieving congestion and stuffiness, VERY Soothing
*Bubble Blower included;) FUN!* 
California Baby Calendula Cream
*Great for eczema and  dry, tender skin*

Neosporin and/or Rescue Balm
*Good for raw skin around the nose*
But if you really want a lip balm that works above and beyond...

Burt's Bees Lip Balm
The Absolute Answer to Chapped Lips & Freshens Breath by default
*been using it for years but Thanks to Jennifer and Rahiel at the SpoiledLittleLAGirlsBlog for reminding me*
*be careful, people will steal this from you (namely your significant other/bff ) and you'll have to buy it over and over if you're not careful*

Smashbox Photo Op (Love!)
Under eye brightener and can be used on top part of cheekbone
*Rescues you from comments like, "You look tired,".*

Laura Mercier Eye Basics (Primer)
Under your eye make-up when you have to go to Work
*Evens out redness*

Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes
You just want to go to bed but you have to take off the make-up!
*swipe, swipe, done!*

Cucumber Slices for 15 minutes then an Eye Mask (Soft Material for Sleep)
 *puffiness and relief* for the inside
RED TEA - Lemon Mint
Pangea Tea Company
Was given a sample and saw facial swelling and redness disappear in minutes (I have witnesses!)
*Thank you Lavender Tea Lounge SC sooo yummy*

Gargle w/warm water and Salt -
Cheap and Easy way to kill germs in your mouth and soothe your throat
*Thanks for this one Mom*

Great when you have to be at work

Bring the Good Bacteria Back to help you in the fight after Anti-bacterials, Antibiotics
That's it for now...Hope you feel better soon.  I'd love to hear of any remedies that you know too!


  1. I watched this documentary on weed called the Union: the business behind getting high, and it said in it that the pharmaceutical industry is like the most profitable industry.

  2. Vick's Vapo Rub now does a nose spray, and it is a MIRACLE! I went from stuffy to breathing normally in two minutes. And it lasts for 12 hours.

    Get better soon!

  3. Andrew - Awesome point. But don't get me started on conspiracy theory...I'm hooked on History and all the newly opened files:)
    Glad you stopped in!

    Lira - Love the suggestion. My Dad Swears by Vick's Vapo Rub. Remember the guy with the Windex from "My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding,"? Yup. Just like that guy...
    Thanks for stopping to chat!



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