Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beauty Bliss on Fat Tuesday

My favorite time of night is when everyone goes to bed and I have a chance to completely relax.  Wanna join me?  Tonight for instance, I can watch LOST and post pics of my beauty haul without too much hassle (...well, aside form the fact that I cannot wrap my brain around this show most of the time but am completely addicted).  So as I tell my BFF, EJ, "Come see what I got and let's play..."

I've been told videos are the best way to play with your haul, but we'll save that fun for later.  So, no need to think my friends.  Let's just look @ the pretty pictures*_*

*Includes my free Back2MAC lipstick in Craving*

*The Closest to Barbie pink that this Olive skinned girl can ever get*

*Craving, Inky (Unintentionally, similar in color to the OPI color below.  You know when you buy something twice because you love it so much you forgot you already bought it?  Well, kinda like that...), Bamboom*
-Thanks for helping with the colors Carli @ Macy's SCP!

*Freebie Face Primer (I'll let you know how it goes)*

*Fnally, #217*

*Found You Alice!*

*Pistacio from Cousin C*

*Myer Lemons from Mom's Garden (How she says, "I love you," besides "I love you.")*

*Starburst from Dad (How he says, "I love you," aside from "Let's check the oil in your car.")*

*Flourless Chocolate Cake from Cousin C*

*A long overdue pedicure in OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue! and my after Christmas Find @ Old Navy*

*Diva dress and F21 boots*

*Newest, Softest Sweater Ever*

*Chocolate from My Love*

That's probably all I can do for tonight my lovelies... time to slip into dreaming.

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  1. I love so much of this! Those blue sandals are to die and I've been drooling over that Alice in Wonderland palette for weeks. That sweater looks SO warm and lovely!
    Can't wait for more :)
    xxoo Josie



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