Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Update on Beauty S.O.S. for Burns

Well, I'm on a roll this morning with reviews so I'll also do a brief update on my research with Moshi's Burn Solution.  Let's just say I was cooking *gasp!*...(quiet all you in the peanut gallery...) and let's just say that I went to unplug the rice cooker and burned myself. 

I don't think my forearm made contact for more than a second, but yowwza...that hurt!  I stuck my arm under the cold running water for many minutes.  When I looked at it, the skin wasn't even pink.  But it was still painful and gave my skin this sensitivity thing.  Where was the mark?  How was I supposed to gain any sympathy from anyone if I look unscathed?  Hmph.

So, seeing as that it was "minor" I took the initiative to explore the Toothpaste option.  I used a whitening gel because that's what was at the sink.
Here's what it did:
-Eased the pain and gave a refreshing, cooling sensation
-Got all over my couch and clothes
-Tightened the skin on my forearm
-Gained me a little sympathy;) (heehee, such a drama queen!)
-8 hrs later, I removed the toothpaste and there was no blister, just a little red mark.
 (5 hrs earlier I could see a distinct bump on the burn site)
Anywho, great tip!  My arm still feels cool and minty fresh (it even made me cold - see the goosebumps?).  Wow.  Toothpaste alleviated my pain.  I did put a dab o bacitracin and a band-aid so there's no funny business with scarring.
More later.


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