Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Review of Recent LUSH Haul

Easter went well and we have already had the opportunity to give a few moments to revisit the last haul  from LUSH and give you some details:)

You'll find yourself smelling your hands all day. You will re-apply only for kicks.  Rich and Amazing. Thickly whipped cream. Absorbs quickly and Does Not leave hands oily. Astonishingly effective for heels.
Exfoliant. Think sand, salt, ocean - Less as a grainy aqua concoction but More like a gift from the sea. Fresh, like I like My Man... Ahem...where was I? Very effective in getting the dead skin off and revitalizing the top layer. Cooling and Refreshing.
Light with hints of chamomile, lavender, geranium and tea tree. Easily Absorbed despite the luxurious oils that ravage your skin. Leaves a sheen without the slide. Use a wooden popsicle stick like they do in the store.

The thickly concentrated sample of shampoo with the grated coconut had me worried.  Turns out, once you put it in your hair, it lathers easily and All Of It washes out even easier.  I have thick, wavy hair and I could actually feel the instantaneous taming of the frizz with my hands.  Upon looking in the mirror after many, many hours of hair pulling moments, my tresses are smooth and well-behaved (as in non-frizzy and shiny).  Smells like Real Coconutty goodness without the industrious aftertaste (still, don't eat it). 
I'm going to have to invest in this one. DARN YOU SAMPLES!!

The following is a quick rundown for those of you who haven't tried this brand and have not seen the bazillion reviews on these things in particular (Elle Fowler also does a review on Porridge, Rockstar, Buffy, Bath Bombs and Bubble Bar; I told her I would review different things, so I'll briefly skim over some important caveats even though some are the same product...):
(very enticing. you may find yourself just standing and sniffing...) I think this is such a personal choice, I will just say that you have to check it out for yourself and see. It is so unexpectedly enjoyable. Do it with a loved one. Pick your favorite. That's how I did it at least.
I love the creamy colored ones, they are nice to my dry skin. These are the ones I've tried:
CHOX AWAY - A chocolate mint marries playdoh. But has pretty starflake exfoliators and was VERY moisturizing.
NOUBAR - so overpowering to me the first time I smelled it. loved the color and the concept. When we brought it into our bathroom, it wasn't bad. Very moisturizing. I think it's more of a masuline scent. Maybe that was it. I like to smell my man but I don't want to smell like a man. See the difference? After it was gone, I couldn't wait to get back with it...hmm.
PORRIDGE - Smells sooooooooo good:) It's like smelling a beautiful cake-like oatmeal with shea butter and milky, sweet honey. Yummy. Messy. The glossy, brown oats get everywhere so you might want to watch the drain action - the oat wrapped in hair to available open drain space ratio...or something like that.
Or be good friends with a plumber. You with sensitive skin may find the oats too abrasive still. I love it and I have sensitive skin too.
ROCKSTAR - Yummm Yummmmm Yummmmmm. Creamy Pinksicle Smell (my personal take on it). Moisturizing. Delicious. Devine.

Not a soap. Body Exfoliant. Seems to melt under water (do not try dry).  Very abrasive but gets the job done if you can get through it ok. Lemongrass with Tea scents the shower. The oils are very accommodating and generous to the skin and leaves a nice sheen for the duration of the day. Slippery, be careful, it makes the tub floor slippery too.
Smells like Spa.

(brief release of sodium bicarbonate but no resulting bath bubbles)
My bathroom (yeah and my house) smells lovely after dropping one of these in the tub. BUT the fizzle does just that after only a few minutes.  However, Even though the sizzle didn't last, the soothing soak certainly did.  The bathwater did seem softer and quite possibly some of the carbonated bubbles were still present in smaller form much, much less noticeable.  Good, but I didn't really get  the feeling that I was soaking in seven-up like I thought I would.  The water does take on the colorful characteristics of the BB, and is so aromatic that it just may be worth the price. 
1. According to someone's YT video that was featured on the LUSH website, using a pair of old nylons would help prevent some of the contents of the BB (flowers, nuts, confetti...) from clogging your drain.  Can't say whether or not it helps keep the glitter under control or not.
2. You can drop this in the yellow bag they give you and hit it once with a Tenderizer and it should break into some workable pieces that result in a few baths.  BUT you may still be tempted to use the whole thing due to the short duration of the bubble show.  Either way, you're fine.

(awesome. results in foamy bath environment)
Now this is the one you crumble under running water (key) and it too has wonderful aromatic properties (esp. this one - yum.).  I do agree that cutting this bar for multiple uses is a wise choice.  Not only foams under running water, but Laura, the rep, also pointed out that you can use a container to repour the bathwater into itself to form more foamy bubbles.  Between the toy pitcher and the toy teapot, I think the kids had a blast with this particular feature:)

That's it for now:)



  1. I need that cuticle butter SO badly... Mine are a mess!
    xxoo Josie



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