Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Whimsical Wonderland - My Favorite Red Coat

After Sunday's Earthquake, I feel something has awakened within me.  Maybe it's a grounded awareness of how fragile our lives really are.  Quite possibly it's a newfound desire to actually take life for all it's worth while the delicate balance still appears to be so. 
Suddenly, certain things don't seem as important as they were a week ago.  All I really want to do is pull my loved ones close as I take on this journey while wearing my favorite things.
Perhaps I'm ready to just be me.
*mushroom VIA rozalia sebokova2005*

One Love,


  1. It's a great red coat...though making me sweat as it is going to be 90 today! You seem to have such a fun outlook on life! Can't wait to hear more beauty tips!

  2. That is a great coat... I agree! You wear it well too. I like your blog, some of your tips are really life savers!

  3. Mama - Hi there, thanks for taking time to visit! 90? Whew! Well, I'm certainly ready to welcome some heat around here. I think that may have been the last hurrah with Red til November;) Thanks for the thoughtful words; what a nice way to continue the day!

    Raisa - Thanks for the compliments and thanks for checking things out! I'm glad they're helping you; let me know if you have any S.O.S. moments. I look forward to reading your blog:)

  4. LOVE your coat! So pretty.
    xxoo Josie

  5. i followed you :) follow back?>

  6. Josie and Isabella - Thanks!

    Mary - trying to, but where is your follow button? I can subscribe to your I missing it?

  7. eerm right at the top there is a follow button jsut press it. or just copy my url into the add button on your dashboard underneath all the blogs you follow :)

  8. Love the coat and the boots! Great outfit and great pics!

  9. I like the socks with the boots!

    YAY red jacket!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  10. Super cute coat and it's so true...enjoy life!

  11. Thanks for the add on my blog...your site is super cute and I love the product reviews! :) I'm following you back!

  12. Thanks everyone:) My boots, my beloved coat, and I are feeling the love!



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