Friday, April 23, 2010

What Did You Wear To Coachella and Earth Day?

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This picture seems to depict a peace that is so far from some of the fantastic realities of Coachella and Earth Day that I just had to post.

It's ideal isn't it?  The shade in the car seems to provide this fresh faced, non-sweaty model a place of refuge from the sweltering desert sun and hopelessly drunken males (yup, the one who couldn't put on his flip flop as well as the one who is running rampant in his tighty whities). She lounges lazily on the black, leather seats (without losing skin) in a crimson, ruffled bikini bottom (LOVE, but alas, Sold Out) and bohemian long sleeve top pondering what to do next (because that is a HUGE problem).

She looks ahhh-mazing, but bored!!  Her outfit is impeccable, yet she completely misleads the inexperienced onlooker or online shopper preparing to purchase proper attire into thinking THEY TOO will have a quiet moment to think at the upcoming event.
Well, now that all is said and done, many of you giggle with me.

As in life, we go and purchase, or revive, our favorite things in hopes that we will also have a model moment to ourselves to soak everything in.  This is why we love to look at the beautiful models in the mags.  We are able to see captured moments (carefully choreographed) and we very rarely get that in our own lives.
We dress in our meticulously planned outfits and we lovingly prepare our faces only to exit our homes and enter into a world of chaos - experiencing fantastically, fun, yet utterly, unstoppable minutes that fly into the next.  

And I can almost guarantee that at the end of the day, we all wish we could have taken a few moments to be present and stop time if not to just hold on to some of those very moments just a little bit longer;)

So I encourage you to remember this picture and challenge yourself to do it this weekend.
Smell the Roses. 
Smile and Look a Little Longer. 
Listen and Enjoy the Music.  
Happy Friday My Friends old and new!  Thank you for following:)



  1. What a lovely post -- and I love this photo as well!
    xxoo Josie

  2. I fully intend to! I am going out to spend time with great friends tonight. Can't wait!



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