Sunday, May 16, 2010

How to Get Rid of Dark Under Eye Circles and Stop Looking So Puff and Stuff

Party Pooped After the Dreaded Walk o' Shame
Ahem...Hi there.  Are you just coming home right now???  Heeeyyy, weren't you wearing that last nigh-...ohhhh, I see:)  Well,  I'm glad you had a good time!  What's that you say?  Key Lime Pie Martinis and Late Night food from the Koji BBQ Truck?  Mmmmm, sounds Divine! All right, you can share the dirty details later.  For now, I know you're tired.  Why don't you go and wash your face and then meet me in the kitchen? Before you hit the sack, I'll share a couple of magic tricks with you...

(*btw, I'm not trying to endorse smoking.  I am close to someone who is dying of lung disease - it's pretty uncomfortable for them. These images just seemed to fit with the theme...)

Also, you may have Dark Circles from Staying Up All Night Studying, Slaving At Work, or Taking Care of Baby.  This post is especially written to help you;)

K, Ready?
Erase Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Have Some Water. It'll Help.
Dehydration only adds to dark circles and puffiness.
Besides, 8 oz. (at least) before bed will really ease the headache and the hangover.

Chop Some Cucumber Slices and Lay On Your Eyes
I know you've heard this before, but cucumber oils are soothing to the dilated blood vessels pushing against your eye skin
-chop 1/4 in. thick and keep several on hand so you can change them when they get warm
Leave on eyes for 10-20 min.

Polly Put A Kettle of Chamomile Tea On
Chamomile is GOOD for the Nervous System.  It's an Anti-Inflammatory and an Anti-Spasmodic.
After Steeping some Tea for yourself to drink, place teabags to cool on saucer (wait a few minutes).
Put on your iPod and place cooled bags onto closed eyelids.
but in my experience Chamomile Tea is such a great pain reliever/muscle relaxer that I usually fall asleep almost immediately in this situation.
**always check with a Dr. before incorporating new herbal teas to your diet**

While you are waiting...
Cut A Raw Potato into Slices Then Soak in Water, leave in a Tupperware, AND Refrigerate. ADD Lemon to the Water to keep it from oxidizing quickly.
These may not be helpful right now, but later on in the day or in the week, you'll have them and be very grateful;)
***Don't let them stay on too long.  They may oxidize and turn brown while they're on your face - Not a good idea.***

What to Buy At The Store If You Must:

I have tried practically every under eye cream known to the free world and I have yet to see results as amazing as this baby. So if you must spend your money and don't want to use the previous Cheaper methods, then go ahead I won't stop you.  Pricey but waaayyyy worth it!  I even keep mine in the fridge...
Nighty Night Loves.  When you wake, you may want to walk and get the blood circulating, you know, get the  fresh air flowing through your body, go to work...
May you glow radiantly this weekend and well into the week!  And definitely let me know how this works out for you!



  1. since i never have any cucumbers stored in my fridge, i always resolve to cotton pad soaked in cold helps,somehow.

    and water, loads and loads of water.for sure.

  2. my eyes have been super puffy and dark :( i'll definitely give your tips a try! :D thanks!

  3. Water is honestly the best trick ever!
    xxoo Josie

  4. ohh thanks for the tips! I swear, i inherited the worst under eye darkness. It runs in the family... haha i will definitely be trying these tips very soon!

    xoxo Kayla

  5. I tried many things to get rid of dark circles but nothing worked. One day my friend suggested me about Posh Naturals Cucumber Eye Cream. This cream is amazing. My dark circles are gone. Thanks to Posh Naturals Skincare.

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  7. Thanks for sharing home remedy's for dark circle treatments. and Tea Bags are also really effective but its always better to take full sleep and you should sleep early so you can avoid it. check over here



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