Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mixed Prints and Dressing Down

Sitting under the warm sun, my ladies and I sat around snacking on small, savory snacks and sipping crisp, buttery beverages while enjoying shared time that girlfriends usually look forward to on lazy afternoons.  As usual, the Garlic Basil Hummus Dip was the most popular, and I am the first to admit that I could have eaten it without much more than a spoon.
My girlfriend's backyard is a peaceful retreat filled with random sounds of birds chirping and lush, green grass as it blows in the breeze. It somehow beckons you closer from the sturdy, rot iron chairs.  It is the kind of place that entices your bare feet onto the cool ground for unscheduled exploration.
It amazes me that it exists so quietly atop such a bustling city.
To My Dear Friends, Thank You:)  You ground me and remind me to see what really matters.
Mixed Prints
Style is experimental so I tried to see how it would be to mix prints in the least intimidating way - Accessories. Why not?  I'd mix all the colors of gold together as long as it felt right.
Here is one of the belts I previously mentioned my Mom gave me as a remnant to a dress donated to charity long ago.  
The White BCBGirls Eyelet Empire Waisted Tank ties in the back and flows freely underneath what else?  An impeccably well-sewn plaid shirt from none other than Elizabeth And James.  I know it's almost impossible to see that all of the individual boxes are outlined in a single stitch of perfectly guided thread, but it's one of those details you only delightfully discover as you put it on.  It's a light, cotton/silk blend that is soft and nothing short of superb on the skin.  Three alabaster buttons make a special appearance on the back of the shirt to create a darting that flatters the waistline, esp. if you button up the front.
Image fr NeimanMarcus.com
Kudos MK and Ashley Olsen!  Your line Never ceases to Impress!!
I actually put beer in my hair before washing it to see if it would pump up the volume.  Think it worked?
Also, because I have stayed true in my exploration of vivid lip color, I am wearing a Lancome Le Lipstique Liner in Sundried Berry.  Easy to wear and it didn't get all over the place (wine glasses, napkins, food).  As an aside:  According to Stylelist, we eat anywhere from 4-7lbs. of lipstick in a lifetime so liner is another option.
...then I tried it without the tie...
Skinny Jeans a Must with This Lined, Billowy Blouse
See?  I wasn't exaggerating.  It even has a couple of layers of cotton underneath - like a petticoat!
It's been a rather trying couple of weeks.  Turns out a fantastic day filled with laughter and love is really all that was needed to sort out some of the more pressing issues at hand:)



  1. Lorie, my love, you look fabulous! Rene sent me the link here.

  2. Love the outfit! :) And if we eat that much, I think I'll stick to the liner.

  3. wow I'm really honoured about your nice comment! Thank u so much! You are so chic too! I love your top and silk scarf! Xoxo

  4. Sitting around drinking wine with girlfriends is truly one of my favorite things to do. It's so necessary to recharge the battery! Finding a yard in this city is a treasure!!




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