Monday, May 24, 2010

Dickweed Review

Guess What Came in the Mail a Few Days Ago?
Remember the post I wrote the other day?  Well lo and behold, the creators of this luscious lacquer have smiled down upon us and have whipped up some more for the taking:)
Heaps of love and appreciation to Kristen, Valerie, and NeedSupply for restocking this classic.
Seriously, my bottle had one speedy pair of wings...
Think Jesse James... no, not name calling, let's be nice! We already forgave him here remember? -
I'm referring to Jesse James circa the "Motorcycle Mania" series when we were first introduced to the multi-iridescent paint jobs that wowed us by changing colors when viewed from different angles.  Remember how revolutionary the technique seemed back then?
And now the innovative ladies at BleachBlack have captured and bottled such an entity 
so that beauty junkies around the world can get an affordable fix of this color changing phenomena.  
Lucky for us.
image via
Think teal with hints of violet and tiny metallic fleck.
Think blue green and everything in between.
Think Emerald by night - changing just like an Orissa Alexandrite.
And who doesn't love a color changing Gem?

The Metallic was Highlighted on this Cloudy Day.

Was in the car waiting and captured a close-up of 
the Aqua Blue/Teal color in all its Glossy Glory.
Are you catching a glimpse of the Violet?

If you look at your nails at a certain angle while indoors, 
the color even transforms and gives the illusion of Black
I really wish that I could use words that would do Dickweed justice. 
Let's see, I can tell you that the first coat starts off sheer and you work up to this saturation. 
 I used 4 coats here.  It keeps a glossy shine so a top coat is not required. 
It glides on and dries quite nicely without bubbles.
A couple minutes after application, I touched my nail with lotion.  No problem, the 4th coat was already dry!
Throughout the day I would hit my nails against something, but No Nicks to speak of.
Washed everything from clothes to brushes and the polish powered through the first day.
Pretty impressive.

Overall, I give it a tried and true blue-green thumbs up. To fairly review the formula's longevity, I'll share that I  have been wearing it for 5 days and it's finally time for a redo, but I'm sure if I used all the fancy base and top coats from the salon, we'd still be in business for another week easily.

What can I say? There are few nail colors that really grab my attention like this one and even fewer that deliver the goods. 
 Lovin' Dickweed.



  1. Awesome! So jealous of you. I'm pretty sure I HAVE to get Dickweed now.

    Jizz is a lot of the same way! It changes color depending on the lighting. Sometimes it's silver, sometimes pearl, sometimes white.


  2. love the colour!i just painted my nails and posted a pic up on my blog as well haha :P

  3. This color is fantastic!!!

  4. This color is CRAZY gorgeous and you apply it like a pro!
    xxoo Josie

  5. cool post!!!!!!!!!

    lovely blog u have!!!!!!!

    pls come visit and join!


  6. I'm in love with this color! I need to run out and get it!


  7. Great color. Love the polish.


    Hannah Katy

  8. Love the color so much. It is so cool!

    Just came across your blog. It is lovely!

  9. What a cool nail polish:)

  10. Nice!

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