Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nice and Naughty

Saw all sorts of excitement at the 
Chanel Runway Show in Saint-Tropez.  
Makes me want to ride off into the night like Justin Bobby and Audrina Patridge - well not really like them, but you get the idea...
image fr. Elle
But What to Wear?
Trying hard to see the positive side of getting my allowance cut off.  But it's pretty difficult when I could've worn the perfect outfit
Under the Sun...
First, I'd stop in to visit Bluefly
for some Bangles
A Carefree kind of Floaty Dress

The only Belt I'd be using
(Sadly no Seat belts Folks)
Fashion Focus
Some cute peek-a-boo I see you Lacy Boy Shorts

Definitely a Messenger Bag just in case we had to stay the night somewhere;)

This Wrapped Flat Sandal would have to sit in the bag during the ride...

 You said I had to wear Boots on the back of a motorcycle. Something to do with the melting of shoes on the tailpipe... Do these count?

Then ready for anything
Under the Moonlight

Charles David fr. Endless

...or these
...actually, these look like the right ones!
Images fr NeedSupply
 (except the Charles David Boots)

Hair: Medium to Long Sleek Ponytail or Haphazard Layered and Wax Styled
And in case you were wondering where my moto jacket is, 
It's right over here.

Errrrgg:( I just want ALL of this worse than Veruca wants an Oompahloompah.
Window Shopping was Never My Strong Suit.
Must. Not. Shop. Online. Must. Maintain. Self. Control.

For now, I have to leave the computer before I stumble or tumble or get a little bird in my ear about something else that I really don't need but really, really, reallyreallyreally want.

Pouting, I know.

Speaking of which, what's on my pucker?  Oh yeah, let's talk about that!
Lancome's Valentine Rouge Absolu Lipstick (Discontinued - My Main Complaint w/ Lancome) 
 ...Pretty Bright, huh? Muah!
Well, in the daylight it's super fun and it's turning into like my favorite...cuz it makes me feel silly.
Trust me, it's better this way... 



  1. i like that floral and back holes t-shirt it looks very interesting

  2. Window shopping. I can never do it. [=

    I really like the belt and the white bag.

  3. I'm diggin' all your choices-esp. love that blue bag & the joie dress!


  4. drooling over the earrings and the grey caged shirt so much that i went to needsupply's website. now im going to drool some more...thx for the great website!xoxo



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