Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tardy to the Dickweed Party

Aquarium Blues
After a few months waxing and waning between taupe and vampy burgundies, I have started to mix it up with this aqua blue color by Sally Hansen.  You've probably seen it in posts recently.  Well the color is great, but you'd better wear a topcoat or it will chip, bubble, and struggle to stay on.  Even the brush annoys me. It's flat and fat.  It leaves streaks. It dries before you finish your coat.  It makes me sad.  In fact it is so crappy that I refuse to even show you a picture of the product.  I don't even want the sight of it on my blog.

I even passed up the Revlon Scented option because it had way too much yellow and seemed a bit greenish aqua instead of bluish.  I know, I know, what's the diff?  Remember how Crayola used to have Greenish-Blue and Bluish-Green and there wasn't really a difference?  Well, the Revlon color had a reflective yellow green iridescence.  This Sally Hansen had a shimmery aqua blue.  Difference is Revlon's formula is consistently quality and doesn't always need a topcoat if you're in a bind.  Apparently, Revlon had the exact color to this SH product last spring called "Blue Siren."  Nothing to cry over.
Moving on.

Who Feels Like A DickWeed Now?
My point is that I was blogging along and then I found something.  DICKWEED.  Yup, got your attention too didn't it?  And when I first hit the link, I was given the option to "Add it to My Bag."  I thought about whether it could be worth the price tag. Then I looked and saw the words "Out-Of-Stock."  Really?  In the eternal words of Chris Farley, "STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!"  It was like I was back in elementary school when Tommy M. threw a dodge ball at my head while simultaneously screaming, "THINK FAST!" 
Could you just die?  Tragedy.
It's a damn shame too.  This color from BleachBlack was Pure Creative Genius.  Rumor has it the color is some sort of  beautiful beetle teal and indoors it looks dark green.  And I quote from the needsupply site:

"a striking hybrid of Japanese Beetle Green and Malachite Stones with a hint of Metallic Shine."

Apparently, it has been out since at least DECEMBER 2009.  Why in the world of consumerism did I have to even stumble upon the existence of such a Godsend? What's the moral of the story here?  "Live and Learn?" or "It wasn't meant to be."

Well, unless Kristin Reiter and Valerie Killeen get the urge to reproduce this for us =], I just may have to say it's, "S.O.L." and "Let it go."  At least there's still a chance to get some "JIZZ."  Thanks Rumi for pointing that out;)

And I definitely wouldn't worry if I were you because this innovative and forward thinking team is SURE to create something out of this world Soon;) Copy that?



  1. LOL. That is a beautiful color. I've always liked the deeper bluish/green tones. I really like painting my nails bright turquoise these days, I have no idea why. I also hate nail polish that chips, bubbles, etc. It's like what's the point? I usually stick to OPI because I just never know with the other kinds. Humph!

  2. I bought a new blue polish today and plan to try it out soon! Do you have a FAV shade you usually stick to? Mine is bright pink in Summer and Red in Winter. Just typing that makes me realize how badly I need to branch out in the nail polish department!

  3. I love the Dickweed color! I just ordered Jizz and got it in the mail. Definitely worth the price. It's not cheap. One coat was all I needed! Hopefully they'll put out more colors soon. Definitely recommend ordering Jizz. It's a nice color.

  4. I want Bleach Black to come out with a whole line!

  5. UPDATE: all right everyone, the girls are listening:) Just got an order confirmation on some DW!!! Get it while it lasts...Review soon.



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