Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Retail Therapy - Finding the Loophole in a Backordered Blue Dress

Pictures have always ruled over words.
For weeks, I searched for this Urban Outfitters' Dress.  If you were one of the employees who joined me in this search, many thanks for your tireless efforts.  It was sold out (typical) in blue but "backordered" til June.  Well, I know Stylistas around the globe can appreciate that I don't take no for an answer in these situations.  
I exercised my Super Searching Skills and happened upon one that was waiting patiently. For. Me.
A Special Thank You to Rachel at UO for all of your help and enthusiasm:)
So happy.
Cooperative Strappy 70's Dress, Abercrombie Leather Braided Belt, Banana Republic Straw Hat,
Two Lips Tattooed Wooden Wedges, Ray Ban Sunnies

Today was kinda gloomy in a boring and bummer sort of way so I've decided to take us all back to the blue skies and good times of the weekend.  Hehe, I know it's pretty much Monday as I write, but I'm ready for warmth already.  I bet you are too...
Besides we're bloggers for goodness sake; we make our own realities.

I Took My New Favorite Dress Out to Play.
Come see...

I'm having such a tough time lately.  It seems so weird online lately with all the...drama.  That is the main reason that I blog - to find Peace.  What up with all the copying, smack-talking, and nay-saying? It could be that I've let myself get caught up in the politics that comes with moment to moment updates and status reports. The business of pleasing everyone is immense...impossible, and that is why I make a genuine effort to present myself in an honest light.
Perfectly imperfect.
So many critics, so little time.  I'm hard on myself as it is.
Performance aside, isn't blogging personal, hence we cannot be held against any standard but our own?
I guess I'll just be me then...
I've been informed that this is what my smile really looks like.
We hit Major Traffic on this particular day.
So we avoided it...

Failure turned out to be a grandiose blessing 
and we ended up on a much needed long car ride Adventure
And as if it were planned this way, we found a park without people.  On a Saturday!
Not Complaining.
Sunscreen And A Hat
This dress oozes buttery, soft cotton that moves whenever and wherever you wish to go. It wears as if it's up for any type of activity including, but not exclusive to, running, jumping and spending long hours stuck in traffic on a hot day with friends and luvahs.  Extremely comfortable.  Lightweight yet durable.  Luckily it doesn't easily wrinkle and keeps it's shape even if you want to lay around on the grass for an afternoon.  The style easily transitions from a Day in the Park to Shopping and then Happy Hour at the Beach.  The cut is flattering for my petite stature and I imagine it would be just as amazing with anyone that has legs for days...
This has got to be one of my Top 3 in a list of hundreds of UO favorites.
It's one of the more well-made garments I've seen from here.
No wonder it's gone daddy gone...

Thanks to the support of you all, I've found my ground on this bumpy, crooked road.
One bad outfit only ruins One day and it's usually Not the day you rocked it.
 Everyone's view of life is different.
Everyone's approach is varied.
When we are true to speak our own voices, we are heard.

Your blogs make me smile, and I get so excited to think that the boors of the world are wrong! 
We are a generation of intelligent, savvy, and beautifully real people.
We listen to each other's perspective.
We call each other out.
We hold each other to high standards.
We support each other.
We Share.
We lift each other up to the highest heights
...even if it is merely leaving little notes on each other's doorstep;)



  1. Sorry your feeling a little bummed out. That dress is beautiful. Your search for it was worth it. I can't do bloggy drama, you're right, this is supposed to be a place of peace. I hope the next few days are bright and cheery for you! ((HUGS))

  2. Aw, yeah I stay out of any drama, but I've definitely read the snarky comments on other blogs! You look fabulous in your dress- glad you found it! These are super cute photos- can't wait for summer! xo, mel

  3. Great dress! Always good to have a favorite one that you can throw on and feel good no matter what.. Love the background song as well, very catchy.


    Hannah Katy

  4. Cute hat. Really like the shoes..simple black and not too high. Always good to have a favorite dress of the season.


  5. i love the dress! so perfect for summer

    Walk of Fashion

  6. The print is so playful and the ruffles are adorable! Such a cute look!


  7. Congrats & absolutely lovely on you!
    I so know the feeling you describe-I'm on a similar trek (& have been for almost 2.5 months).
    I've been looking for THESE in the gold color in a sz 8.5 or 9 to no avail.
    I had corporate search for me & even a rep for the national retail division US., not to mention all the Reebok outlets in my city (we have 3) & Nada.
    Apparently it's still in circulation, but none are left in house.
    I'm normally good at finding the un-findable (I'm a bit of a rogue agent like that), but so far these have turned out to be a unicorn. =P

    I know that feeling & am very happy for you!



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