Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lips Gone Wild - Hog Tied and Hot Pink

"Just Put On A Little Lipstick..."
These are the wise words that my Mom softly advises under her breath, but loud enough so I receive the advice - always delivered with good intentions.  I Love You Mom:)  This one's for you.  My favorite thing to do is wear barely there nude colors on my lips, but things have been changing around here, so jumping out of the comfort zone is par for the course.
Sometimes going way outside of familiar territory brings me joyfully back to the place I long to be.
Here's to you Hot Pink!
Revlon Super Lustrous Wild Orchid(457) and Fuchsia Fusion(657) 
*of course, you know I had to buy Both because they are different colors and there was a sale...
-Creamy, Rich, True to it's color.
-Doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth when you lick your lips
tried to show you the shimmer/glitter saturation - it's fun
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Gloss in Cupquake (Thx Sis!)
-Shimmery, A bit tacky (as in Sticky not tasteless), Smells like Cake, Tastes like Sugar
-Color goes on as a Tint of the Shade you see in the tube
Under the Sunlight
I'm still amazed that this combination of pink is not as shocking as I had expected...
In person it's pretty bright, but the color seems to photograph beautifully!
I used all three colors with no liner.
Might As Well Include the OOTD
Metropolitan Top, Victoria's Secret Leggings, Bluefly.com Silver Necklace

What I wore to balance out the bright lip for Daytime was this fantabulous, dark, batwing tunic from Metropolitan.  The open back drapes down with 2 simple strings that tie right at the shoulder blades.  The lower  mid-section gathers subtly across the hips and ties the ruching on the side; this seems to flatter the waistline and yet still cover enough of the badookadunk (dangit! One of you lovely bloggers got that term in my head and now I cannot stop using it today) to be tasteful.  Interestingly enough, the dramatic top almost seems understated next to the sizzling lip.
Because of the stripes, I did not see it necessary to over do it.  A geometric, silver necklace and studded earrings seemed to polish off the look.  I think my thick 1-in banded silver ring etched with tiny flowers would have been perfect here, but I still haven't found her:_(  Keep praying she turns up for me, would you please?
Thought this necklace would be invaluable in its versatility

I rocked simple, black, round-toe wedges from Target (yay clearance!) in order to navigate the day more easily.
I am thrilled that these shoes do not give the feet a stuffed sausage appearance
as some round toe shoes do!

***Oh, and these boots for Nighttime;)***

Mom's right. A little bit of pretty lipstick always makes you feel a lot better:) Thanks again Mom.
This post was inspired by all of you who have already chosen a color for the coming hot nights and written to inspire those of you who have not taken part in this particular activity yet this season.
So tell me, What's your color?



  1. I'm really into peachy pink glosses right now. I wish I could pull off bright colors as well as you do!
    xxoo Josie

  2. I love the bright pink lipstick! I need to go out and get one. I'm usually all about the nude lips too, but I'm going to force myself out of my comfort zone. Thanks for your comment, I'm a new follower. :)


  3. The pink lipstick is amazing! I love it. I'm trying to step outside of my comfort zone as well and wear red lipstick on a regular basis, especially when summer roles around. Love the shirt as well :)

    xoxo Kayla

  4. I love a natural looking, pinky bronze gloss with a TON OF SHINE! But I love the bright pink shade too, especially if it's really sheer so your natural lips still peep thru a little!Just found your blog and love it..we're kindred spirits...

  5. hey so i REALLY want to try different coours on my lips...so far all i use is lip gloss...but i LOVE hot pink and i love red lipsticks..but im scared that if i put it on..it would be like a clowns' lips....or not fit in with my face because i dont wear alot of makeup...(actually none) ... so what do u reccomend? :)

    love the post btw!

  6. So glad you ladies are enjoying the post! Thanks for all the compliments:) You ladies are amazing.

    For me, it was time to get into a brighter color. Let your own style guide you. It's true self-expression that maximizes your confidence - gives you a Boost - so use what you're comfy with and blend in a bolder color gradually.

    Sarah - Test the water with a brightly colored gloss:) These have much less pigmentation and will give you that sheer but fresh look. Try MAC lusterglass in "Venetian" or "Gift Wrap" and go on from there. Even Cover Girl has some fun minty glosses right now (but you can't try b4 u buy). Instead of red, try poppy colors.

    Take a couple hours out to experiment. The artists at the counters are so very helpful IF you tell them what you want. But Don't just buy a bright color that makes you nervous because you will never wear it.
    Walk around for a few to see if it grabs you or gags you. Definitely go outside and check out how you look in a mirror if you can. Have fun with it. You'll know it's the right color, because it will make you SMILE. Keep me posted!

  7. I'm a follower now! I actually stopped by Lancome in the mall and unexpectedly tried a new bright pink on today..and liked it...although it was a little different to get used to but it really "popped" and brightened up my face!

  8. Beautiful pics! I LOVE VS lip gloss. The cupcake one is delicious and it smells so good. I have about 7 different kinds of it. I always buy about 3 when I am in the store. They are so worth it.

  9. Cute, Cute, Cute!

    Where does one find a Metropolitan store (only out your way)? That top is really flattering on you!



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